The wobbly tooth brigade.

My mum always used to tell us that we must take photographs of our children when they were gappy and toothless. I always thought that was a bit weird. I mean, surely a cute picture of our kids with beautiful smiles was better for the wall? But now, I look back at those photos of gappy grins with great fondness. What a lovely stage in a child’s life and this year, I happen to teach this age group!

It’s truly such a joy even when they relish in wobbling those pearly whites in front of me and they make that squeaky noise in the process…

  • Although missing teeth, six year olds are not missing out on having a creative imagination and they still see wonder in the world. Children of this age are so curious aren’t they? They are still excited about playing in the woods or jumping in puddles. They love princesses and dinosaurs yet will talk about EastEnders or something that perhaps they shouldn’t!
  • They ask so many amazing questions yet have a certain understanding about their world that enables you to have proper discussions. My favourite questions this week include; Why does the colour of people’s skin make some people horrible to each other? Why don’t we all share the food in all the world so that some poor people can have some? I have solar panels on my house so why do we have to pay for electricity when it is free from the sun? What amazing questions! In fact, I had difficulty answering these! I mean, I agree….why don’t we all share the world’s food??
  • Six year olds are just gaining emotional empathy and can begin to see things from another persons point of view. They tend to make closer friendships and love the company of their friends. Mummy or Daddy still comes first but certain friends are becoming more important to them.
  • With new friendships comes dealing with social dilemmas. I’m always fascinated by watching children play in the playground at how they deal with things. Of course, some parents get worried when their child comes home and retells a story about something that has happened to them in school but it’s so important to allow children to deal with these issues for themselves first if they can. The child who just joins in with everyone. The child who has to be the centre of attention. The child who can’t negotiate roles particularly well but who everyone loves anyway. It’s fascinating and no different to adults!
  • I love the way children at this age still believe in magic. They still believe in Father Christmas and fairies. Of course, the tooth fairy is visiting quite a bit and I’m always interested to see how much she leaves! In some households this can be quite a bit more than my tooth fairy left!
Children see such wonder in the world at this age!

I love that children of this age are so eager to learn. The speed of progress is also quite noticeable for most at this age. They just want to know everything. Now if possible. It’s almost as if by losing their baby teeth, they are becoming Proper Little People. Perhaps that’s why my mum encouraged us to take photos of our children at this age. It’s actually quite a milestone. So, enjoy your wobbly tooth brigade as the preteen stage is just around the corner! Oh and take lots of photos as they are handy to embarrass teens……..

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