What to do when the blog takes off!

I feel really lucky because my blog is beginning to earn me a little money. I’m very proud of that fact especially after just a year. My only worry is that with writing or accepting material for other people and companies, my blog may begin to follow a different path to the one I expected or wanted. Posts may not be totally my idea or may not present in the way that I would like them to. I’m very protective of my little corner of the internet!
So here is my dilemma folks….do I carry on and accept all paid work? Or do I take a step back and take back the blog? I am working full-time as a teacher and juggling the two is tricky but manageable at the moment. The extra money is lovely too! I also would not post anything I didn’t fully agree with.
I suppose it comes down to why I started blogging in the first place and what my aims were. You can read about that here
I would love to hear your views people of the internet! In the meantime, enjoy this lovely flat-lay image!



  • Congrats on the success of your blog.😊 I honestly think you should main control of what goes out there especially as it is presented on your blog. Once the material lines up with what you are all about go right ahead. Seek God’s guidance through prayer and trust Him to show you what direction your blog needs to go in.

    • Me too!
      Thanks Roda. I love your blog and read it often. It’s very inspirational. ❤️

    • Well that’s it isn’t it? I suppose I know the answer tbh. X

  • It is a tricky one, in the end you can only do what makes you happy. It is great that you have been so successful so far whichever way you jump 🙂

  • Go Girl! I am so proud of you, especially since we have known each other sonce the beginning! Ill tell you what. Why don you give me all the money you make on your blog, then I can travel the world in style and you wont feel guilty about writing stuff thats not your choice! Win win!
    Congrats my friend xx

    • Hahaha! That made me chortle. Hum….🧐 let me think about that one!……
      I want to travel! I’m not as brave as you. You rock as I’m sat here behind a screen whilst you are. Out there…..I’ll pop over to your blog later. I wanna know where you are!

  • Firstly many congratulations on the blog taking off! You put a lot of work into it and you deserve the success that it’s achieving, next part is difficult indeed, personally if people are coming to you and asking you to advertise something then why not, personally I would do things that fitted into what I was doing and the way I wanted the blog to go but the thing I would always remember in the back of my head, they came to me because they like the blog and they can see mutual advantages in working together so I almost feel like I would keep going the same way but feature items adverts etc that felt in complimented what I was doing and aiming for. I hope that helps a bit and good luck 😀👍

    • Thanks Thomas! I agree and I must keep that perfect of very good advice in my hat for future reminders. X

  • Well done you! That is really quite an achievement after such a short time. To answer your question, it really depends what you want. There are those who, like you manage to steer their blog into commercial waters and that is to be respected. There are others, like me, who have no desire to do that. What tends to be impossible is to cross-migrate total control and integrity with monetizing. What I mean by this is, if you are being paid then there is an expectation that you will deliver what you are being paid for. I assume that the references to particular companies in recent posts are part of this process. They will be looking for click-rate so you have to provide click-bait to ensure that the interest doesn’t wane. All of that is taxing. But it is worthwhile in terms of the revenue. In the end there is no finite answer. It is a question of how far, if at all, you are prepared to compromise yourself and whether you want to maintain total control, or whether you want to have a different master. That, sadly, is something you have to decide on your own for one man’s meat is ever another’s poison xx

    • Thank you honey. You are so right and you speak words of wisdom. x

  • Congratulations on your success Sophie! I’m really glad to hear things are going well for you 🙂
    My advice would be to only publish pieces and work with brands that align well with your blog. If at first something doesn’t quite fit, start a conversation to see if something can be done. Most of the time, you’ll be able to work something out.
    I look forward to seeing where your blog takes you!

    • Thank you Kevin and for your support. Of course, I will continue to only work with brands I can see fitting in with the blog. 🙂 x

  • Well done for making some money, I think it really depends on what it is. If it’s something you believe in and it fits with your blog then do it but if it doesn’t feel right think twice or think will this lead to something positive for your blog. X

    • You are right. Thank you for your comment and stopping by. x

  • Congratulations on your take off of blogs. I‘m especially impressed each time by the catchy titles and the photos of illustration. Great ! I‘m also pleasantly surprised by the kind comments of the English people . In France, you would have had one with: “how much do you earn?” Or “good job, but …”. So happy to see this good humor this sincerity and these encouragements and not the criticism.
    I understand why you succeed and I hope it will continue for you!

    • Ah that is so kind, Fred! I try to be a kind person and live my life that way. I believe that being kind comes back to kiss you! Xx

  • I share your dilema! Whilst I want to make money, I have recently turned down the only two offers of paid posts Ive ever recieved! The first because they wanted a follow link and the second because it was a pre-written post about school uniforms which really doesnt fit in with my niche as a lot of Autistic children struggle with uniform. However I am poorer than I could of been and no closer to monotising my blog!

  • Keep pushing. It’s a go if your making money doing something positive. I want to have your problem. I’m new to this and I haven’t even started yet. You give me hope.

    • Ah thanks! It’s a steep learning curve but I find it rewarding. X

  • That is so awesome! Congrats on being able to monetize your blog in a year! I’ve been approached about having sponsored posts, but have only accepted a few since I’m very picky about what I want on my blog. I also recently got hired as a freelancer to write posts on a website, which is great, but takes away from the work I can do on my own blog. I should look at the positive and be happy to get paid to write. I can always work a bit on my blog day to day. When you get a chance, please stop by Gardening Limited. I just uploaded a new theme, colors and logo. Let me know what you think! Again, congrats!

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