Tropical Plants You Can Grow in England.

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A lot of people think that, when they’re gardening in the UK, they must stick to the kind of plants and flowers that you would naturally find here, or in other countries with similar climates, but it is actually very possible to grow beautiful tropical plants in England and the rest of the UK, even with our colder climate.
If you want to create an exotic garden that looks more like a scene from the Caribbean or Southeast Asia than Cumbria or Southampton, check out these essentials:

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You know you’re a Primary School Teacher when…..

You know you are a Primary School Teacher when:

1. You get excited by new felt tip pens, pencil cases and unicorn shaped erasers.

2. You are still buying school shoes in your 40’s.

3. You get called ‘Mum’ at least 3 times a day.

4. You are capable of eating meal in under 5 minutes and going all day without using the toilet because you need to hear children read/mark homework/prepare for science.

5. You have given up explaining the fact that your holidays are fair and that you work past 3.30pm.

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Urban Garden Ideas For City Living.

The countryside isn’t for everyone. Here at The Old House in the Shires, we love the wide open spaces and the weird and wonderful smells that waft from the nearby fields. Of course, if you are a big city type, you may prefer the hustle and bustle of people and the constant buzz of the hub. Both have their pros and cons and it’s down to personal choice which lifestyle you pick. One thing that you may miss or envy is a garden or having your own outside space. There aren’t many better ways to relax or brighten up space than with plants.

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6 in Saturday: My Patio has its own ecosystem.

Ok so I’m a bit late to my 6 in Saturday but I’ve been in the garden all day making the most of this lovely, cold yet sunny weather we have enjoyed today in Wiltshire. We are still digging the pond but only attempt it in waves as it’s hard work and frankly, boring. We shall get there but in the meantime let me share with you some photos of my patio. It’s coming up in a few months and will be relaid after all the building work, but it has its own ecosystem!

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How to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere at Home.

The home is a place where you want to kick back and relax  and forget about all the stresses of the world. But everybody knows that it is never that easy to simply find peace and quiet in your home. There are chores to do, tidying, cleaning, cooking, upkeep, and everything in between!
But there are still solutions that you can explore to find the perfect relaxing atmosphere within the home. It’s important; our homes are our sanctuaries after all. There are many ways to create just a little bit more ambience of calm. Consider seeking these solutions to make you fall in love with your home’s atmosphere all over again.

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The Old House Bedroom

It’s taken us a while to do any work inside the Old House as we’ve waiting for planning permission to make some changes. However, the rooms I wanted to be decorated and finished were our bedrooms. The children’s bedrooms are clean and functional but at the moment, lack in storage so when we were thinking about extensions and renovations, we knew we needed to include more storage. Until that work starts, we have made do with what we have and I have painted some of the wardrobes to keep them fresh.

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