Preparing for Christmas.

I’m a bit late this year with Christmas.

I’m late to buy gifts, get the house ready or think about presents for the children. The last few weeks of school have been full on with Nativity plays, reports, meeting with parents and Christmas parties. It hasn’t helped that I’ve had yet another cold!

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6 Easy ways to Decorate the Winter Garden.

There’s no delaying it. The Holidays are just around the corner, and while everyone’s busy decorating their homes, there’s one place that most people tend to forget about.
The garden.
It’s pretty understandable why gardens are often left to fend for themselves during winter. After all, many want to avoid working in a cold, wet, and probably slippery environment during winter. Between staying at home and working in the garden, the former’s a clear winner.

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My Top 5 Picture Books for Young Children.

I was nominated to take part in this post over at Kids story world who kindly asked me to join in and share my favourite children’s books! Well, I love children’s books so here are mine! I have chosen picture books that I use in my job at a teacher. I’m currently teaching in a UK school in Year 1. Children of age 5 and 6 love these stories read to them. I feel very passionately that children need to be read to for as long as possible. Literacy is one of the most important gifts we can give to our children.

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What to do when your child refuses to be comforted.

There are some people who take on life’s trials a little more than others. You know the ones; they worry about everything or get stressed by the small things. They may get angry quickly or fall in love at the drop of a hat. Children are no different. We tend to call them ‘sensitive’ or ‘sensory’ and, as a teacher I see these children sometimes struggle just a little more than other children.

The other day, I watched as a mum tried to get her child to come away from the school playground as it was time to go home. The child was having none of it. We’ve all been there! The child was having a full on tantrum and the mum was getting very stressed by it all. She lost her temper (fair enough) and grabbed her child and carried him to the car. I didn’t see what came next but I can imagine the drive home was horrible and stressful for everyone. I know this because I’ve been there.

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Why your teen needs time out more than ever.

I watch my teenagers and they have their phones attached to their hands practically all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this adaptation as part of a teenagers evolution! As parents, we try to schedule time away from their phones and we encourage them to leave their phones downstairs over night as we do, but they like to text their friends in the evening and I get that. I remember talking to my friends too although I was sat on the stairs wrapped in my duvet as the phone was in the Hallway! It makes it tricky to police when phones are so accessible and they both want to use their phones as alarm clocks.

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