When we moved into the old house, the previous owners left their bedroom furniture. I did look to buy new but we didn’t really have the money to buy what I really wanted (a gorgeous french armoire) and the space was actually too small to fit the armoire of choice. So, I decided to have a try at upcycling the wardrobes instead! It actually makes a lot of sense as you can customise the furniture to be exactly the way you would like it plus it’s got to be better to recycle perfectly good furniture.

I read a little about how to paint furniture first and bought some chalk paint; one pot “Paris grey” and one in “old white”. I am definitely the kind of person who never reads instructions much to the disgust of my hubbie so I just mixed the two colours together and started to paint! The beauty of chalk paint is that you don’t need to sand down your furniture first so the preparation is minimal. It needs a couple of coats to get the colour even and then you add a coat of wax once the paint has dried. It’s that simple! Easy peasy. I then added panels of wallpaper with PVA glue that dries clear and strong. With new handles, the wardrobes look fabulous. They are almost as nice as those french armoires that I had my eye on….

I now view sad and ugly furniture in a totally different way!  Have a try…it’s really easy. Not only is it thrifty but it’s creative and a fun way to make a bespoke piece of furniture.