Do you enjoy an annual walk on Boxing Day? Do you walk your dog every day? Do you muck out horses? Do you enjoy gardening in all weathers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, what do you wear on your feet?

Before I got my dog a few years ago, we would always have the occasional walk. Perhaps we would take the children out on their bikes or walk in the fields to the nearby stream in the summer to paddle. I would wear wellies as they were practical and fun. It was not until I got a dog that I realised that wellies were not suitable for proper, daily walks! They are so cold in winter, even with a second pair of socks and always give me blisters if I’m going further than a mile or so. I was chatting to a friend who has a horse and she felt the same way; wellies are great for a bit but what you really need if you are outside for a longer period of time and if you are going to be walking in mud, is comfy, country boots!

I purchased my first pair of country boots about 8 years ago; they are brown and by Orca Bay. I didn’t want to pay hundreds of pounds and found Orca Bay boots to be comfy, warm, practically waterproof and in the mid priced bracket (they were approximately £100 then). They have been used and abused over the years but I wear them everyday so I thought I would treat myself to a new pair. I tried on a pair by Dubarry which looked amazing but were £349! Next I tried Ariat which were £330 but they were a little tight on my fat calves! I liked a Musto pair with a tassel at the top but again, I’d have to take out a small mortgage to afford those and just could not justify the money (I do need a new roof after all). In the end, I tried on a pair from Orca Bay…just like my old, trusty boots and they fitted like a glove. They were a little lighter in colour than my old boots but that was because I had covered my old ones in wax. So I came home with another Orca Bay pair called “Mull” and they are just as amazing as my first pair. In fact, the hubbie came home with a pair as well called “Orkney” which was not planned!  Mull are £159.95 and Orkney are £149.95 although you may get them in the sale now. So far, we love our comfy, country, Orca Bay boots!

Hubbie modelling “orkney” boots by Orca Bay. Oh, and dog.