I was a little late to the whole “Hygge” thing so forgive me but since reading “The little book of Hygge” I’m enjoying the concept and think it definitely has a place in my life and in the old house. 

Hygge (pronounced Hooga) is one of those Danish words that is tricky to translate but simply put, it is the feeling of cosiness or feeling content within a certain moment. Well that’s what I took from the book anyway. It involves candles, snugly blankets, comforting food and drink and the company of family and friends with no drama. It’s a verb as well as an adjective so you can do “Hygge” as well as describe something as “Hygge”.  It’s a powerful concept that apparently helps the Danes consistently be the happiest European nation. I’ve talked before about enjoying the small things in life and I think that “Hygge” can also mean enjoying the things that bring us happiness within a particular moment. Realising the power of these moments frees us from emotional stress….or so the book says. 

To bring more “Hygge” moments to the old house I have decided to try to forget the big stuff such as the cost of the leaking roof and the condensation rotting my Georgian window frames and enjoy more of the small things that bring me simple pleasures. This is going to be my New Year take on life in the old house. I’m not sure when these moments will be or what they will involve yet. I may not even be able to fully verbalise them but I hope that they make me feel the “Hygge” my dog is feeling in this picture.