I was chatting to some friends -you know who you are! -about feeling, well a bit “meh.” I was saying that I was feeling a bit bored. No, not bored. A bit dissatisfied. No, not dissatisfied. Well, just a bit “meh” really. That feeling you get when you could be Snoopy flopped on top of his dog house.

The holiday period is so busy and it’s great! No routine….whoop whoop!  No school run! No rushing to get everyone out the house at the right time! No rushing around the supermarket grabbing tea before pick up! No sitting in traffic on the way to work! Ah, lovely. And then it gets boring doesn’t it? Oh I wish the kids would go back to school! Oh I really want to get back into a routine again because I feel sooo sluggish. Well now we’re there, I just feel a bit “meh” about it all.

The same old tidying. If I have to mop that floor again! The long commute to work. Will someone flush the loo! The deciding what to cook. Picking up wet towels…Same. Same. Bloody same.

Growing up I enjoyed a happy childhood. My mum was the parent who cleaned, cooked, shopped and looked after 4 dogs, various other pets as well as us children. She also had a job when we were teenagers. My Dad was the traditional father who went to work, mowed the lawn and emptied the dishwasher when asked. I remember one day Dad asked mum why she seemed so annoyed with the one small thing that had happened. You know, the one little thing that pushes you over the “I’m fine line.” Her reply sort of sums up this feeling I’m experiencing. She said, “Imagine you having to mow the lawn everyday come rain or shine. Imagine it has to be 3 cm long.” ummmmm, ok! “Now, imagine someone walking all over that lawn or pulling some of it out! Imagine that feeling….well that’s how I feel RIGHT NOW!”

So,  if you are sitting looking at yourself at 3am in the mirrored wardrobe, breastfeeding your baby whilst your partner snores next to you, I know that feeling. If you’re in the supermarket and you have forgotten why you are there, I know that feeling. If you are passed the same story book to read by your 16 month old child for the tenth time today, I know that feeling. If you stuck in the same traffic jam that you were in yesterday on the way to work and you will be in it on the way home, I know that feeling. If you are mopping that floor in your kitchen again and will do tomorrow, I know that feeling. If you are picking up dirty laundry to be washed when you are sure you have only just washed it, I know that feeling too. Just know that someone else, somewhere else is probably having the same “meh” feeling too.

So to all of you having a “meh” time, think like Dory – Just Keep Swimming. You are amazing and you are doing this parenting thing. X