What’s annoying me series….This one is about having school aged kids.

Having children of school age is great in so many ways because, let’s face it, they are out of the house for at least 6 hours per day. However there are many annoying things too….

  • The endless charitable events….they are so annoying! Dress up as a book character, crazy hair day, bring your Grandma to school event?? Wtf. First of all, Grandma works and doesn’t really want to go to school and dance in a circle even if her grandchild is the best thing ever! Secondly, when your kid refuses to be a Disney character again (and this happens at about aged 7) then what am I supposed to find them to wear??
  • The newsletter. Rarely do we read these. Let’s be honest here. Do you actually read this EVERY WEEK. I always miss something and that’s sooo annoying! Like a parents evening…..But mum! I told you it was tonight! Oops. Or the Very Important Meeting. I’m often the mum who gets the after meeting notes by email with the, “We missed you at the Very Important Meeting…..” Actually, I was pretty good with this when the children were in primary school but lost the will to live by secondary school to be honest.
  • The boring lunchtime meals…..”Yes, I know you had ham sandwiches yesterday” or “Why don’t you want anything apart from ham??”Sooo annoying. And then it’s the senior school canteen…..when your kids said they ate nothing as it’s all horrid and the oldest goes to the shop instead. Well, I’m not paying for nothing! Sooo annoying.
  • The parties. Every week some kid has a party don’t they? And the parents seem to like to outdo each other with extravaganzas for their precious offspring. And then your child has to dress up/bring a swimming costume when it’s too small as well as buying a suitable gift. It’s just all so expensively annoying.
  • Having kids at different schools and realising that they also have different school holidays and TD days. Really?? Couldn’t the schools have talked to each other? Bloody annoying!
  • The annoying playground mum who looks amazing, works full-time, has 4 children and is the Chair of the PTA. There is something there that is oh sooo annoying but I also take my hat off to her. ((sigh))
  • The reading level competition. What level is your child on? oh really? thats a bit worrying…..Mummy, Sebastian is on level orange already! So what? do I really care what level my child is on? Not really, well may be a bit but my child is brilliant at making Lego models and great at annoying his sister so Stop! It’s very competitively annoying!
  • The never-ending fighting, squabbling and rolling around pulling each others hair/jumper/other body part. Kids love to play-fight don’t they?? I know it’s part of having siblings but I used to find it soooo annoying! Mum! Child has got my unicorn! But you dont play with that anymore! So? it’s MINE! Mum! Child hurt me and bit my finger! Mum! Mum! Mum! I used to hear that in my sleep.
  • Having a battle to find school uniform in the morning. Why does uniform always disappear or appear muddy/stained with ink/crumpled in a bag at 7.30am? That is soooo annoying! And why does sports kit disappear even though I have labelled each item to within an inch of its life?? And, why is it always ONE sock that goes missing???
  • Children of this age can. not. wait. Wait! I’m just on the phone! Wait! I’m just talking with your teacher! Wait! Slow down and do NOT go ahead on your scooter! Wait! You are impatiently annoying!
  • The coming down the stairs in the evening…this has become a family story actually because my daughter used to come downstairs every night for about, ooh 10 years. She was so inventive too with her excuses! Mum, can I have a (pause) grape? Mum, will a burglar be able to come through my sky-light at night? Dad, will you read me a story/find me a blanket/tissue/drink/give me a kiss/teddy/torch? Dad, why is it (pause to think) dark? that the tooth fairy only flies at night? that no one comes when I call for you???? Sooooooo annoying! What can I say? she was an anxious child.
  • Book bag notes. Now I was always conscious of this being a teacher but a few crept up on even me….the notes in the book bag that are actually quite important about needing wellies/favourite book/something white that you do not see and then turn up at school where every other kid is wearing white/wellies/with their favourite book except you. That is sadly quite annoying!
  • Lastly, the most annoying thing about having school aged children is the fact they change into teens…and that moves them further towards the part I am dreading….the leaving for University or to go live somewhere else. So, hold your children close and enjoy these funny moments. They might be annoying but they are oh so precious.



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