I’ve got a Blogger Recognition Award! Whoop Whoop!


Wow! I’ve been nominated for my first Blogger Award bt a fellow Blogger and I’m super excited! 

Thank you to “I’m a horrible mum and you are too!” for the nomination! Here is a link to her site:


Since I’ve been nominated, here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
  • Comment on each of their blogs, letting them know they’re nominated and linking back to this post.

How My Blog Started:  My blog got started because I love writing but I had never had the confidence or time to make a start. I have to admit that the technology bit scared me too! I saw that other people I knew were blogging and were enjoying it, so I thought, Why not? We moved house last year and I wanted to document the changes we made to the house and garden. I then started to make lifestyle and parenting posts just from my own experience and these were popular. I’m just going with the flow at the moment to see where this blogging thing takes me. I still work as a teacher and am a mum too so I am super busy! Blogging is my way of doing something for me.

#1 Piece of Advice to New Bloggers:  Write what YOU love. Don’t be swayed by STATs or how many people are reading your posts. That is not the point of blogging.

#2 Piece of Advice to New Bloggers:  Your blog will evolve and that’s ok too. I’m always playing around with the look of mine or the kind of posts I write. It will find its own niche.

The 15 Bloggers I Have Nominated:

I’m  new to blogging, so I want to nominate those who inspire me. You should check out all of these awesome bloggers!

  1. http://theunicornwife.net/ for being my Blogging friend and writing a fabulous blog. I particularly love her upcycling projects.
  2. https://gardenvarietynews.wordpress.com/ for her great post about beginning gardening which I aspire to be!
  3. https://happywiseowl.com/ for Emma’s upbeat lifestyle blog. I particularly loved her latest blog about what Luxury means.
  4. https://jamesproclaims.com/2017/02/25/jedi-james/  I love James Proclaims for his funny drawings and notings on life.
  5. https://lucyathome.co.uk/ I am really enjoying Lucy’s Blog Crush series at the moment -what a fun idea!
  6. https://40something101.wordpress.com/  Because life really does begin at 40!
  7. https://doodlemum.com/ Because her drawings are just awesome!
  8. https://allinadadswork.wordpress.com/ another blogging friend who writes about life as a stay-at-home dad.
  9. https://justsayingmum.com/ What’s not to love? She is my blog crush and Instagram genius with amazing photos!
  10. https://ahdad.com/ Another parent of teenagers….I say no more!
  11. https://unbalanced-woman.com/  Just because she is hilarious and I love her blog post about sick!!
  12. https://medium.com/@MyWeirdBrain  This is a family member who has just taken the plunge into Blogging! I love that she has posted a poem by her Nan.
  13. https://momsranting.com/ I love her posts as they are always so true!
  14. https://gardeningjules.com/  I love this site for its wildlife photography. Beautiful.
  15. https://fattymccupcakes.wordpress.com/  a great read over a cuppa and cake.

So, here we have it! it was tricky to choose only 15 but thank you again










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