Social Media is soooo annoying….part of the “what’s annoying me series.”

Social Media, love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and is used by…well, everyone (apart from my friend Jane who just won’t go there). However, social media is highly annoying for loads of reasons. Here are some of mine…

  • Look at me! Look at me! I’m in a bloody posh restaurant right now and you are not! Ha so there! Ok so I occasionally do this too but the “checking in” to the place you are at….do I need to know you’re every movement? Are you going to check into the toilet at John Lewis next or Sainsburys? Hi, everyone, my glamorous life takes me to the supermarket! Whoo hoo…sooo annoying but I secretly like seeing where everyone is because at that moment, I’m often reading on the toilet.
  • The motivational quotes….instead of “look at me!” Now we seem to have the “look at my motivational quote!” Such as “your only limit is YOU!” Well quite. Or….”you will never have this day again so make it count!” Well today my day consists of cleaning, shopping and finding supplies for my youngest who is off on a trip so I really don’t want to make this day count thank you. Sooo annoying!
  • The religious quotes….again, don’t tell me that Jesus will make my day better because he probably won’t. I don’t mean to offend anyone here but if I want to pray I will in my own time and actually, you are posting these quotes because they make YOU feel better. That’s ok but it is actually annoying.
  • Tagging and linking. OMG do I need to be tagged in my friends neighbours post? Really?? Do I really need to know about Johnny’s new haircut or see a photo of the dashboard of your car with your feet on it??? Or, why would I like to read that linked post about back pain or how to have a pain-free  birth??? Why?? Sooo annoying that its entering the “shut the f up stage” (I think, like once, I liked a link to natural childbirth or something!)
  • Taking four million photos to get the perfect photo for social media…what is that about! Stop! Take a photo of me doing the splits…..or…, the angle is wrong so let’s take that selfie again, oh again, oh let’s just try that one more time…..((sigh)) Maybe it’s because I really haven’t got time for four million photos?? I don’t know really but it’s such a waste of time and frankly if a funny photo is shared of me on social media only my friends can see it anyway so, it’s ok! Laugh at my silly face because, yeah I’m silly, not perfect! Love you all really btw!
  • This leads me into the next point quite well….in most of my photos on social media I pull the same stupid face so there are quite a few pictures that are the same. I’ve noticed this is a pattern of others too….do we have a social media face? Or some of my friends NEVER want to be in the photo….they post arty kinda shots or motivational quotes (mmmm) so do we have a social media face?? That’s quite annoying because we have the same photo over and over and what is the point then??? Or there are never any photos of certain people…..
  • The “I love you/I’m blessed/happy birthday” kinda posts…. why do I need to know that you are blessed to have such an amazing person in your life? Do I need to know that you are not only wishing Aunt Betty a happy birthday but you are also thanking her for that Gucci watch she sent you?? Really??? Me me me me me. Annoying but I find myself doing it too which is even more annoying!!!
  • Commenting on the “far away or nearly friends” posts. I have done this and I hang my head…..”oh I love your photo in the Bahamas! You look sooo amazing in that bikini!” That actually means, “bloody hell you are on holiday AGAIN! Somewhere I really want to go to and you are a bitch for looking that great in a sodding bikini.” Basically we want that persons life at that moment because two minutes previously we were unblocking the toilet or something equally as sexy.
  • The not quite specific post. “Staying in bed today….” What?? Are they ill? Are they having amazing sex? Are their kids ill? Just what is going on???? ” I’m so sad… 😭” Do I ask?? Perhaps Aunt Betty has died so no, let someone else ask.  Then I have to look again later to see updates…..Ahhh I need to know more and that is sooo annoying!!

We all use it (well apart from my friend Jane who maybe on to something) and social media is here to stay. I’m sooo addicted to it so am highly guilty of some of my points above and I’m annoyed at myself for that reason!  In fact, I have a new motivational quote for myself….MOVE AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA…. but enjoy my post and push up my viewers please because that is hugely important to me people!!!!!

Do feel free to add your annoyance about social media to the comments below….

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4 thoughts on “Social Media is soooo annoying….part of the “what’s annoying me series.”

  • Hey! I’m not fond of social media, either! I usually keep my Facebook account deactivated, I just use my Instagram account to share few pictures, and that is all. Like you, I easily get very addicted to it and sometimes, it gets out of control. So I have stay away from it. I also do not like how everyone around is so much into their phones scrolling down the screen, and that there is not much face to face communication. Have a great week ahead!!

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