Middle garden at the old house takes shape.

During the past year we have been busy transforming the garden at the old house. It was very overgrown when we moved here with old trees, ivy everywhere and rubbish just left to rust. It has been hard work so far but we have really enjoyed it and we have some ideas about what to do next. Last year, we concentrated on the part nearer the house but this year we want to work on the middle part of the garden.

Here are some photographs from when we moved in:

We have worked on the vegetable beds and greenhouse area recently, moving the beds we put in last year as they didn’t get enough light. This was the area last year….

This is the area now…

We have added a huge compost bin and started the path to it behind some new fruit trees. We are trying to only use reclaimed materials from the garden as we have found so much stone buried in the undergrowth! We did have to buy a couple of tonnes of gravel and some stone, just to finish off the area though. The vegetable beds are made from old scafolding boards.

We have also built two raised beds from stone and we would like a seated area here too.

The middle garden now looks like this:


We know that we would like to develop this area more and have talked about making a patio or deck area in the middle with perhaps a summer house on the soil area in the photograph with another pond?

I’m not sure……I would love to hear your suggestions for this area! Any ideas would be welcome in the comments…… thank you!


Oh, here is the woodland/ wildlife area now that we have cleared it….I think I see bluebells coming up and there is lots of frog spawn in the pond too!





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