Lovely Spring sunshine…..

I love Spring! I love the sunshine and the slight chill to the air. I love the colours in the garden in the beautiful, crisp light that we get at this time of the year. I love the emerging new life as the whole garden seems brand new. My favourite place during Spring is my garden so I haven’t had much time to write! Instead, I have been hard at work, digging, building, weeding and planting.

Here are some photographs I took today:

I have peonies appearing which I love. The tree peony did not flower last year (our first year at the old house) so I have left it as I believe the buds were cut back last year which was why it didn’t flower? I am happy to be corrected on this and if there is a peony expert who would like to advise me, I would be grateful!


The first tadpoles have emerged in the pond. I did see newts eating some of them but I expect that is what newts eat!


We haven’t made any major decisions on the middle garden but we did add these Box plants around the edge of the vegetable beds. The Box on the left was in an old planter and was obviously desperate to spread its roots so we reused this. The new Box plants look very small in comparison but I expect they will catch up eventually!

The animals seem to be loving this lovely Spring weather!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I have got some new ideas for blog posts but equally, I’m enjoying this fabulous Spring sunshine…..right back outside!






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