Wake up! Wake up! Why are you still in bed?

Are you having cereal? Who wants bread?

Wash your face. Don’t forget to brush your hair!

Why is it that you are still in your underwear?!


Ah! He pinched me! Mum! Where’s my shirt??

Stop. Right. Now. No, that really hurt!

Find that toy right now? Look under your bed!

Hurry up now, I need to get the baby fed.


Clean your teeth! Come on or we shall be late!

Where are your shoes?! Stop and think…just concentrate…

In the car. Got your lunch? No? let’s go back in…

Book bag. Football boots. PE bag. Oh your Violin.


Get out! Get out and watch the car door!

This school run chore is really such a bore.

Kiss, kiss, have a great day and try your best!

Watching them laugh and trundle in with all the rest.


Then I stop and watch my children as they troop inside,

And at that moment I think a little piece inside me died.

For soon this stage will be over and for all the stress it caused,

I just wish I had taken a breath and even paused.

Paused, stopped, looked and really seen,

The lovely school days and all that is in between

is worth the stress of the school run.

Before you blink or think, it is all done.

And then it’s gone……