How to worry like a mum!

My family and I went to France over Easter. We have lovely friends who have lent us their chalet for the week so we’ve been skiing and enjoying a fun week in the mountains. The weather is a balmy 20 degrees so there’s no snow in the village but we have managed to have a few days skiing in a higher resort. I’m writing this whilst I wait for the family to get themselves ready. It’s 8am but the snow melts by lunchtime so we need to get going.

But I’m having Mum Worry. You know the worry about everything child related? Have you got your helmet? Are you wearing a vest? Are you warm enough? Then the more troublesome Mum Worry like, will they fall off the ski lift? Will my son try to ski off piste? Actually, when my son skies off piste, will he be ok?

Mum Worry starts immediately your child is born of course but it reaches fever pitch with teens! I worry about mine ALL THE TIME. Maybe it’s just me but letting your kids become more independent is scary! Mine roll their eyes at me or say something sarcastic but this world is scary right? I mean, anything could happen and it’s my job to protect them.

Child jumping off a bridge

They are finally ready and you know what? They have their helmets and have even put sunscreen on without me nagging! Later, I watch as my son skies off piste (I knew it!) BUT he is safe because I can see he has already calculated the risk. He later falls whilst trying to jump but he’s ok and laughs at himself. And that’s the point isn’t it? They need to make their own mistakes and decide risk for themselves. We can only guide them and hope that when they are skiing off piste they’ve got mums voice inside their head telling them to be careful and remind them to wear their helmet.

So what gives you Mum Worry? Or maybe I should write Parent Worry?

PS The day after I wrote this….The boy only went and skied off a flipping mountain didn’t he!?! Honest to God I don’t know how but he was fine….he skied over a rock and flipped. He fell through the barrier and crashed down a steep slope losing his skis and poles. Luckily, he landed on a pile of snow rather than a tree or a rock. OMG we all needed a Vin Chaud after that……..


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