50 blog posts!

I’m not sure how but I’ve posted 50 blog posts! It’s gone so quickly and I’ve really enjoyed writing different posts. It’s funny how the posts that I expected to be popular haven’t had as many readers as others or the posts that I am most proud of are not necessary the ones people read! Well I suppose that’s the point of blogging….different stories reach different people and that’s okay!

I have also been considering why I blog and that has changed over time. I started thinking that I would blog about the changes happening to the house and that would be a cool way to record them so we don’t forget. Β As time as passed, I have enjoyed the writing process more than I thought I would. I also found that not enough changes were happening to the house so my blog was becoming more of a lifestyle or parenting blog! Maybe I should rename it “oldwomanintheshires!” Or “oldmumintheshires!” But I’ve realised that’s okay too…..my blog has evolved and it’s a good thing. I mean my site is a little eclectic in its posts but that suits the old house!

I’ve enjoyed chatting with other bloggers and that’s really surprised me in that I just didn’t realise how many lovely people also blog! Who knew that you could chat with a lovely mummy in The Phillipines about toddler issues or share photo tips with a blogger who is clearly an amazing photographer?! It’s so awesome! So thank you fellow bloggers for your inspiration, comments, encouragement and ideas. Sending you (((hugs))) through my site.

So, come in if you like eclectic posts about random thoughts, parenting experiences or photos of my garden and house. Or just send me a comment for a chat. Everyone is welcome! I’ll just out the kettle on…..

Here’s to 50 more post! I hope you enjoy them. X

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