Funny pets…..and the latest garden pictures.

Just some photos to share of the animals and some of the garden which I know that my readers enjoy.

Hubbie and I have been busy again in the garden but we will now take a break to enjoy the Easter weekend! I think my teens are getting cross and feel a little ignored by all the gardening we have been doing! Here are some of the latest pictures for you.

This is Tiger. She is slightly bonkers but we love her!

Tiger the cat caught a mouse!
Poor mouse!
Poor mouse……

Tilly stretched out on the new path leading to the compost bin.

This is Tilly enjoying the sunshine on the new path that hubbie has almost finished. This leads to the compost bin. We have used old paving from the garden and bought some new red pavers to edge the path which look really great. We are really pleased with this area so far. We also planted a crab apple tree and a Japanese cherry next to the gate as they will only grow to be 4 metres tall and will suit this space.

Dottie sitting on the new path to the gate.
New Box plants around the veggie beds.

We planted some Box around the area because I had an idea to create a topiary type look to this part of the garden.

Bird bath we found in the garden.
Close up of the bird bath

Hubbie had to take a chain saw to the roots of the old apple tree so that we can flatten and level this area as we want to put a circular paved seating area here. We found an old bird bath in the garden so we all helped to roll this into place as it was so heavy! I think it looks great here and it will look even better once we have added pavers around the edge of it to incorporate it into the paved seating area.

It’s evolving but we do have an idea of what it will look like now…..

Thank you for all your ideas… we did add an Acer and a Magnolia too. We just need to add more plants and plant out the vegetables that have been in the green house! Oh and I think my tree Peony is about to flower!! Happy days. 🙂

Acer Palmatun Bloodgood.



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