This is getting lots of views at the moment as it’s relevent for all this lovely weather we are having so I’m reblogging it. Enjoy!

Old house in the Shires

What to do with young children when they are bored? Want to keep them away from the Playstation or iPad? Feel like they haven’t been outside in ages and need some fresh air? Feel you haven’t any money for treats and days out?

If the answer is yes, then this blog post is for you!

Things to do in the woods or in your garden or at the park….and they are all free!

  • Find a stick! Children love sticks and they can be really fun. Draw in the mud with it. Pretend it’s Stick Man, is it a wand? is it a sword? Collect loads and make a giant nest with them or a den. Fun with sticks is endless.
  • Hide and Seek is still a great favourite of mine. Young children have Not become bored by the old games remember so this is a fun game to play in…

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