What do I miss?

I have amazing children who are now almost grown. I started this blog because I found that although I was working part time, I finally had time to do something else. My parenting days are far from over but my teenagers just don’t physically need me as much and it happened quite suddenly. It crept up on me when I found myself alone one Saturday afternoon enjoying a cup of tea and realised that I didn’t need to be anywhere! It got me thinking about all the things that used to drive me nuts that I was actually now missing. It’s as if my “parenting routines comfort blanket” has been removed and I am now thinking about how I should replace it. I’m feeling sad and possibly hormonal (ahh the menopausal brain) so bear with me but I miss my children being little….

  • Being up early

Oh how I craved a lie-in when the children were tiny! My hubbie and I used to try to take turns having that extra hour in bed at the weekends but it often never worked out that way. The baby would need feeding or we would take the children swimming early to fit in with naps. Having any extra time to sleep became a bit of an obsession! But now we have teenagers who think sleeping is a national sport I just don’t seem to need to lie in! I wake up naturally at 7.30am on a Saturday and although it’s great to be able to take a cup of tea back to bed, the children are asleep for half the day! If we plan to do anything it has to be after lunch really. I miss the early morning snuggles reading that book over and over… There, I said it!

  • Children’s TV

This is going to sound bonkers but I miss CBeebies with Tinky Winky, Iggle Piggle and Peppa Pig. I even miss the theme tunes! In my job as a teacher I was always knowledgable with what the children liked when I had small children at home. “Oh yes I did see that episode when Daddy Pig slept outside in the car!” Now, I don’t have a clue and think the fact kids watch some Japanese woman opening Lego on YouTube slightly disturbing! I certainly don’t miss iCarly or some of those tween programmes that my children used to watch but I do miss Good luck Charlie. Charlie was just too cute!  It’s now Ex on the beach, Prison Break or Indian cricket (sorry, not for me).

  • Buying Children’s clothes

It’s such a chore shopping with babies and young children isn’t it but at least they don’t have a say in what you buy. If you want them to wear that cute piglet suit then they will. If you want to dress them in an old-fashioned sailor suit then so be it! Tweens and teens have a very definite idea of what they like and dislike. I remember trying to persuade my    son that shirts that he had been happily wearing for the past 3 years, were smart but no, he just wouldn’t wear one. My children have a monthly allowance for clothes now that we gave them when they turned 14. It saves the aggro to be honest and if they want that Supreme T-shirt that costs £60, then they have to save for it. But, I miss the cute children’s clothes you can buy and having a say on what they wear.

  • Going anywhere!

I’m not sure if this is just my children but I miss going on day trips. If I ask my two what they would like to do during the holidays, the only thing we agree on is to go to the cinema or to London. Well, going to London for a day or longer is not really a day trip for us because we would have to find someone to check on the dog. It’s also an expensive day out as we would go on the train and they want to shop! Days out in the ‘Big Smoke’ are therefore, not going to happen often.  They also don’t mind being driven to see friends of course but that doesn’t include me or Hubbie! It may also be because I have a girl and a boy so my son may want to go ice skating for example but my daughter would want to go out for a meal. But I miss farm parks and soft play (For little kids). I miss going to the beach (too much sand apparently) or walking in a nearby beauty spot (too cold/wet/boring). Often, we just don’t go anywhere or we eat out. They then complain that they are bored! Hohum.

  • Having evenings “off”

I love having my teenagers watching TV with me (especially CSI or Americas Next Top Model) but sometimes I would like an evening “off”. I would like to watch what want to watch and not have to fight to watch Broadchurch or Gardeners World! With small children they are, hopefully, asleep by 8pm so you can relax and spend some quality time with your hubbie. Well I miss that. Often, my teens are still up when we go to bed.
So there you have it. I love my teens but I miss my babies. Perhaps it’s nostalgia that protects us from the hard times we had with young children? There are many times that I remember feeling tired, overwhelmed and fed up but I still miss it. So, enjoy the times that make you feel tired, over whelmed or fed up because those times don’t last. In fact, they are over in a blink of an eye and then you’ll be looking at the next stage in your life whether you like it or not.


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  • As you know, we’ve both hit this at the same time… there’s a void that is a specific shape which I’m finding it hard to find a piece to fit into it to make me whole again.

  • Yes! All these! !
    A day out what was once a treat is now a chore, I miss cbeebies, I miss having evenings on my own (but equally like hanging out with the teens .. . Maybe just one TV night to myself a week) #PostsFromTheHeart

  • My kids are 13 and 10 so it’s definitely different than when they were little. I like having free time but (gasp) I feel bored sometimes! As if that constant state of being in movement that I endured/survived for years and years is something I miss. There are pros to them being older, def. But my 13yo can now stay awake later than I can, LOL! #globalblogging

    • I know right!? Yes. There are lots of things that perhaps I don’t miss….but I think I have possibly forgotten some of those! The brain is a clever thing! Thank you for reading my post and commenting. X

  • And how I miss the times when I had a teen at home and there was action going on, news coming through. Then she packed up and moved a thousand miles away to a new job! Yes, each stage takes a new adjustment.
    I found your link on community Pool and hope you enjoy your new blogging adventure. You might want to break some of your long paragraphs down into two, but I like the way you have set up the post. Keep in mind that you can use up to fifteen tags and each one spreads your post title farther.
    Musings, opinions, thoughts, reflections, articles, home, relationships, life…any of these would have been good for this post.

  • Oh I know exactly what you mean. My teens growing up and not “needing” me as much is one of the key reasons I started to explore freelance work and got into blogging. Bizarrely the thing I miss the most is getting up early and getting on with the day, they drive me nuts when they eat breakfast when I am eating lunch and half the day has already disappeared before we get to do anything. #PoCoLo

  • It’s funny how what you once craved is now completely different. I do wonder too if it’s just a way of life tricking us. Thanks for joining us at #PoCoLo – it’s great to have you along.

  • My little one is only 7 months, but I don’t expect it’ll feel that long until I’m in the same boat! I’m sure there are things now that you’ll miss in another 5 or 10 years. #PostsFromTheHeart

    • Ah….7 months! What a lovely age….I know! I think I’m just missing mine as babies! Thank you for reading and stopping by. X

  • I love this. I’m kind of in the middle with my eldest being almost 13 and my youngest just turned 8. They’re both too young not to need me but both think they don’t need me! 😉
    I hope you get that evening “off” soon. xx
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  • buying children clothes! I love it:) I think my son has more clothes than his parents:D

  • Ah this is making me think I will make the most of all the lovely moments I have with my 3 year old and 6 month old. You have to enjoy it, however difficult. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  • Is it wrong that I was smiling and nodding as I read your list? I miss Cbeebies and I really didn’t think I would. Not quite reached the same stage as you as I can still drag them out for days outings but clothes choice is becoming more problematic. I’m an early riser and turns out the children are too. Even as teens. Am I the only one? #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Actually I have one who will emerge when left at about 8.30am so fairly early ish and the other…well we could wait until 12 noon to see her at All! But she goes “out” aged 17 so…..thank you for commenting! X

  • Ahh! I am starting to miss a few of these things now my girls are older…..
    My youngest will still watch Good Luck Charlie. Hooray. lol

  • Oh Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. All so last year now! It is a change isn’t it. There are some things I really won’t miss but I may change my mind when secondary school starts in September. These life changes throw you don’t they. I think we are on the cusp at the moment. #tweensteensbeyond

    • I know! I think little ones watch YouTube or something! Yes, senior school brings about many changes. Good luck! Thank you for commenting.

  • Oh I miss the smalls too. I think you’re right about nostalgia blocking out the less attractive elements! Oh and buying childrens clothes – I used to adore that – and just so much cheaper. Aww wouldn’t change this stage for the world though but just wish I could press pause every now and then for sure x #TweensTeensBeyond

  • I can so relate to this! I still get up early because my body clock was permanently changed by little kids, but having kids who lie in actually drives me mad! I’m eating lunch while they’re eating breakfast. We never have days out either and I would love to from time to time.

  • Popping back to say thanks for linking with #TweensTeensBeyond, now the eldest is on study leave his programme of choice to switch off is an hour off reality TV over lunch – it is enough to send me running for the hills. x

    • Awesome! Wish him luck…Chemistry today I believe…ugh…Luckily, mine are year 10 and lower sixth although my daughter has got AS Classics in a few weeks…..

  • I had a void for two years after the last 2 kids left home, but am going to have the teen move home next month as he finishes boarding school we wait to hear where/what he’s going to do next, over the easter holidays, i lost the tv remote, had wet towels on the bathroom floor and the fridge and my wallet emptied daily, no idea how long he’ll be staying but this really will be my last few months of parenting, so i’m just going to go along for the ride and try to enjoy it

    • Well that’s it isn’t it? Its soo annoying at times but also lovely in the same moment! Thank you for commenting! I’m not really wanting to go back to nappies and toddler go slow time but I do miss it occasionally when I’m being reminded how old I am from my teens!

  • Absolutely spot on – it is like you have spoken for all mums of teens. The only one I don’t miss is the early mornings – I love my sleep and I lost so much of it raising 3 kids that I am still playing catch up. I am on a mission to preserve the ‘day out’ and we all actually went to a safari park over Easter. It was meant to be a treat for our 11 year old but the teens ended up having a ball too – we all had a great laugh! Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Thank you for your kind comments! I’m actually looking after the nieces and newphew today and so far we’ve done soft play, lunch at the garden centre, played board games, draw pictures, made puzzles, watched CBeebies and tbh I’m shattered! One of my teens in revising and the other has gone to see his girlfriend! I’m shattered and kinda wish for a quiet day! May have changed my mind about that post! 🤔

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