Our Awesome Adventures Series: Venice, Verona and a working fruit farm with teenagers in tow.

I have been inspired to write about some of our amazing adventures we had enjoyed as a family by the blog of dippy dotty girl. I love her beautifully written blog about her travels and of course, she shares a name with my dog, Dottie! You can find her site here:


This is the post that inspired me! Do take a look…..

Last summer I found some great cheap flights from Bristol to Venice throughout Ryanair so I booked them! My children are now classed as adults on many airlines so cheap flights are hard to come by in the school holidays. This is often how our adventures have started… with cheap flights or a ferry crossing somewhere! I then search the internet for hotels or accommodation and off we go! We had 2 weeks to explore.

My children love exploring as much as hubbie and I do so we are never worried about going anywhere but Venice in August? Well, everyone told us to avoid it so we first settled on staying on Murano instead.

Murano at night.

Murano is where Murano glass is made and it gets very busy during the day with day trippers from Venice. At night though, we had the place to ourselves and lived like locals which is what we like. It was tricky to find places to eat at times as we had booked self catering accommodation but the Vaporetto (boats that are run like buses) run all through the night (this may be different out of the summer months). There is also a great supermarket in the centre as well as one main hotel called LaGare Hotel which has a superb restaurant.

We stayed for 4 days and 5 nights in Ca’ Mazzega Murano Grand Canal view apartments. This was perhaps 1 night too long but it gave us time to see Venice, Burano, Murano and the cemetery island (teens choice!)


View from Rialto bridge down the Grand Canal
Doge’s Palace
Beautiful buildings

Venice is like no other place in the world. It is beautiful and bonkers all at the same time! Hubbie and I went in April one year and I would not suggest going in August as it full of cruise ship tourists and it is very hot and smelly. This did not deter us but may not suit younger children. It is a small city so easy to explore and we felt very safe. Staying on Murano meant we had to catch the Vaporetto to get to Venice but that was all part of the experience!

View standing at the back of the vaporetto

Venice itself is compact so is really easy to get around on foot. We spent a great day looking for Pokemon around the city and searching for the Stone Island shop! Those with teenagers will know that is a typical teen experience! We went to St Marks square obviously but the queues to see some of the main sites such as the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica were horrendous so we didn’t see those. Some will say that’s a shame but the way we see it is if the children are happy, then so are we! We have seen these places and the children can always come back when they are older. We just want them to experience different places even if that means getting lost in a city looking for Pokemon! There is a lovely square called Campo Santa Margarita where the locals hang out and is great for a meal or aperitif!

The cemetery island (Cimitero) is between Murano and Venice and is worth a look if you have time. We stayed for a couple of hours and then hopped back on the Vaporetto to Venice. Its a very peaceful place after the chaos of the city but also very sobering. It is a working cemetery so you need to be respectful.

Burano is a gorgeous island off the coast of Venice and you can get there on the Vaporetto. It is famous for its lace making and there is lots to buy. In August it really wasn’t’ that busy.  The houses are all beautifully painted and it truly stunning. A photographers dream!

Burano and it’s beautiful coloured houses.
They all park their boats outside their houses!

After 5 days here, we hired a car to drive to a little place near Arezzo which is about 30 miles from Siena. This was a tricky, busy and long drive but we were heading to a working fruit farm which had been recommended to us by our friends. We were ready for a week of relaxation and fresh air so hired a converted barn on the farm which had a shared pool. We stayed at Foresteria Il Giardino di Fontarronco which was absolutely amazing! The other guests were mostly sightseeing so we had the pool mostly to ourselves. It was a blissful week of sleeping, eating, sunbathing, exploring the area on foot and swimming. We explored nearby Arezzo and also Cortona, both of which were so pretty and had amazing food!

View from Cortona hill side.
The fruit fields
The view from our apartment showing the pool.
Our apartment was up these stairs

After a slight change of plan and a realisation we had to go back North to get our flight home in just 2 days time, we booked 2 nights in near Verona for the last part of our trip. We literally booked this the day before we had to be there but managed to find the most amazing hotel ever for a very reasonable price! It didn’t have a restaurant but served breakfast with the room. We also had an upgrade so hubbie and I had the honeymoon suite with its own private balcony!

View from our private balcony!
Hotel Villa Giona

On the final day we explored Verona. Oh how I wish we had more time! What a beautiful city with so much to see. With only one day we went to Juliet’s balcony, ate pizza in the main Piazza, saw Dante’s statue and went in the Museo di Castelvecchio.

Walking in Verona
Juliet’s balcony

We had a great trip!

I wonder where we will go next? Let’s look to see if there are any cheap flights……..




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  • Thank you, I am chuffed 🙂 Nothing makes me happier than reading travel stories of bloggers. Had fun reading it. Your kids are lovely! I wanted to visit the cemetary island, but had no time. Now, I have not been to Siena, so it was nice to read about it. Verona disappointed me with Juliet’s balcony but the rest of it was gorgeous. Looking forward to more 🙂 xx

  • Oh I loved this post. What an amazing trip and I was thrilled to see the coloured houses Burano. Venice is on my bucket list of places to see but I will avoid August. I’m looking forward to seeing more adventures. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot 📸

  • We went to Venice many years ago and were disappointed, I think that we went at the wrong time of year it was extremely hot we love the sun but the canal was stinking and it was so crowded you could hardly move, our highlight was feeding the pigeons in St.Marks square which I understand is no longer permitted, your photos show me what we missed#photopoint@_karendennis

  • I’ve not been to Venice since I was inter-railing as a student many years ago. Your photos are wonderful and make me want to travel again. Not so easy when I run a holiday business but hopefully one day I will return. #BloggerClubUK

  • I last went to Venice in my teens! My husband has never been and wants to go this year however we have been having that very debate about Venice in August so think we will postpone to either October or April next year. I hadn’t thought of staying in Murano that is a great idea. Loved the rest of this post too as always on the look out for teen holiday ideas and am currently finishing off my US road trip posts which I have stacked up in my draft folder. Great idea for a series and thanks for joining us again. We need a name for you ???? #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Haha….my name is Sophie!
      Yes, I’m just writing up a post on Lake Garda at the moment. Would be very interested to read about a trip to the US! We’ve been to Florida but I would love to do the West coast at some point! X

  • Sounds as though you had a lovely time! It makes me want to pack my little ones up and go abroad for a holiday 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  • Love Venice! First went with my parents as a teen for a day trip from Rimini and then with my husband. St Mark’s Square was flooded when we arrived and we had to carry our cases whilst walking on plinths. That was an experience. We loved the ambling around and never knowing which square you would find next. You really do experience the feeling of being somewhere truly different there. I love the sound of Verona too. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond Sophie! Nicky

  • I was in Polperro last month and many of the houses there needed a bridge to access their front doors. But having a boat – that’s something else. Those beautifully coloured houses look so cheerful


  • Venice is one of the places that I keep considering and then discounting due to my expectations of it being really expensive. I loved reading about your adventures there and learning that you don’t have to spend a fortune either (nice!) When I was last there I loved the pretty coloured houses and the Merino glass (I’m still in awe that the red colour comes from gold!)

    I’m also very pleased to come across another great blog to read and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I found you through the #adventurecalling linky 🙂

  • I just love your approach and it looks like it pays off! I’m going to Italy tomorrow for the first time and reading this has got me even more excited! I’ve never fancied Venice as I always thought it would be too busy, but maybe out of season or staying on Murano could be options-feel like I need to see it at least once! The fruit farm looked beautiful, such amazing views. Thanks for sharing your brilliant trip with us at #AdventureCalling

    • Yes, we didn’t think the children would like Venice but tbh, you do have to go…its an experience! I would go in May if I went again.
      The fruit farm was gorgeous and the produce yummy! You will love Italy although regions vary enormously. Have fun. x

  • My wife and I have been to Venice a few times but never to Verona, although it is very much on our hit list. You’ve definitely made me want to book. Arezzo looks gorgeous too. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling calling I hope you can again tomorrow.

  • That’s a nicely written account 👍 Murano was such a pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed my visit to Venice, too 😊

  • How lovely. And so cool to have your teens with you too! It’s been a while since all three came with me anywhere! But I am like you and love to just get somewhere and then make plans rather than organise it all beforehand. Looks like you had some really amazing luck as well, what with the almost empty pool and the fab honeymoon suite! Fab pics and lovely account of your travels so I am passing this over to my #StressedHusband in the hope we do something similar next summer! Lisa xx #tweensteensbeyond

    • It was a great trip! Thank you for your kind comments Lisa! Yes, get that man to come up with a plan!

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