8 reasons Why Pets are Good for Children.

So your child wants a pet? Are they demanding a kitten or a cute puppy? Do they dream  of their own pony or pet rat? Obviously, getting a pet takes thought and preparation but they are an essential part of family life in my opinion.
Before you decide, here are the top 8 reasons why a pet is a great idea for your child and your whole family.

Beddlington. Terrier puppy
Dottie as a puppy.

1. They are good for your physical health.

I know that since we have got Dottie we are a healthier family as she needs to be walked. Every day we go out and walk for about an hour. Some dogs need more exercise than others but an hour works for us. Having other pets can also be great for physical health. Rabbits and guinea pigs love to run in the garden and children enjoy playing with them, feeding them and being with them outside. Horses and ponies need a lot of care and exercise but obviously your child can ride them, perhaps developing a lifelong passion. Pet owners are known to be at less risk of allergies and visit the doctor less often.

2. They can be your child’s first friend.

When I was young I had a cat called Fozzy when I was about 8. He was basically my baby and my first real love. I used to wrap him up in a blanket and he would let me! In fact, he loved it. Pets are always there and provide great comfort for children. I know dogs that are literally part of the game!

Dottie and her friends. Having a dog is great for families.

3. They connect family members together.

During Christmas Day we had 8 adults, numerous children and 5 dogs (as well as our old cats) here at the old house. I know that the dogs were as important to our family as the people. There was no question that they would be left out! Having a pet creates a feeling of unity amongst families and can be a good way to encourage teens to come out of their bedroom!

4. Pets can help with stressful moments.

Young children often have full on tantrums and we all know that is normal but it can be very stressful! Having a pet to stroke and distract their attention can be very handy! My daughter loved our cat when she was a toddler and that was a good way to encourage her to come out of her tantrum. Pets can also be very funny too and provide some lighter moments in a stressful day.

Looking after pets teach children responsibility.

5. Pets teach children about responsibility.

I know that very young children can’t be responsible for walking a dog but they can feed a guinea pig or rabbit. Teaching children that pets need to be cared for is a great way for them to learn about responsibility. Children can learn that cleaning out the rabbit is not fun but is necessary for their pet to be looked after. I also think that boys learn about nurturing from having a pet that they wouldn’t necessarily learn through play. It’s not cool to play family type games but playing and loving a pet is ok.

6. Having a pet can teach our child about death and the circle of life.

This is hard for children to learn but is, sadly a fact of life. Losing a pet is terrible but can be a life lesson that children should be exposed to in my opinion.

Pets can be your child’s best friend.

7. Having a pet can beat loneliness and anxiety.

I remember crying my eyes out about something that had upset me as a child and telling my cat! My cat didn’t give me opinions, he just listened (or so I thought!). Pets can be a source of comfort to children of all ages. I know that Dottie really senses my emotions and will come for a cuddle when I’m feeling a bit low. Stroking animals has been proven to lower stress too. I know of children with Special Needs have found a friend in their dog or their pet has encouraged them to speak when other ways have failed.

Dogs can be fun!

8. Pets are fun!

Pets can be great fun! I knew someone growing up who kept miniature horses that would come into their house and sit on their sofa at night! How fun is that?? My dog is great fun and gets us out the house. We have explored more of our local area whilst walking her than in the time before we had her. Kittens love to play and are such fun when they pounce. My children would play with our cats for hours when they were younger; they provided lots of entertainment.

So there we have it! 8 reasons to get a pet. In fact there are loads of reasons to get a pet! I hope this has helped with your decision. Now, just to choose which one…..

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  • what an excellent post. I am a parent of two beautiful dogs and while my two legged girls were living at home we had many pets. Lots of cats and dogs over the years. My eldest has a baby = kitten/cat now. My dogs are inside most of the time. I hear at night the dogs barking ‘ asking their owners why they are outside on such a cold night while the owners sit by the heater keeping warm.

    • Ahhh thank you for the kind comment! Yes, I love my dog and can’t imagine her living outside all the time! She’s curled around my legs in the evening. Thank you for commenting. I’m loving your blog right now!

  • I’m with you all the way, pets are great on so many levels teaching so many life values. #TwinklyTuesday

    • Thank you Coombe Mill. All your lovely comments were in my spam folder so I apologise ifx you think me rude in never responding to you!

  • Could not agree more. We have dogs and chickens. I know my children have gained more than I can list from having them in our lives. It’s heart warming to see them interacting. #TweenTeenBeyond

  • Oh I agree wholeheartedly and yet am scared of the commitment. Also with pet care services not being too good here I worry who’ll look after him when we go out on vacations.

  • I was fully expecting ‘because you can dress them up’ to be there! Love the superhero pic! So
    many reasons, my daughter would totally agree. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

  • Oh absolutely yes! We used to have a cat but she sadly died very young. We now have a rabbit, we had two but one died and it definitely taught Zach about death. We love animals and I’d love to have a dog. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  • We had a cat when my daughter was very young and have never replaced her and my daughter crazes every day for another pet. To be honest I am getting to the point now with one leaving home and the other here for just another 4 years when I am reluctant to buy into looking after something else. My dream however is to move back to the country and get a red setter for my old age – obviously to replace my teens! A lovely post. #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Ahh that’s lovely! Why not get the red setter now so that your teens can enough the dog and then you get the dog when its a little older? I love red setters but they can be a bit bonkers! x

  • Absolutely agree with all of these. We looked after a guide dog puppy for a while but a dog is not for me. We do have a gorgeous little Rex rabbit called Coco who we all love to bits! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Dogs are like children except you can leave them for a bit alone! They are a tie though. Rabbits are great pets! I would love one but I think Dottie dog would not be so kind! Thank you for commenting.

  • We have had so many pets over the years for the kids.. dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, mice, hermit crabs, birds and chickens!! All brought something into our lives in a positive way!

  • Absolutely! We had a dog growing up and it was great. Unfortunately we don’t have any pets, we are far too busy to give them the time they deserve.
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays

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