How to brighten up a patio or small outdoor space.

My patio was looking so tired and sad! It needed something to brighten it up but it is south-facing and very hot in the summer so I tend to forget about plants I have planted by the house! Instead, I decided to empty all the old pots and planters I had around the garden and make them into something pretty for this area.

The patio is very old and all the cracks in the patio stones were full of weeds. Now I don’t mind a few weeds but I wanted to get rid of some of them. I won’t use chemicals in my garden so a good trick is to use a stiff brush and sweep away some of the plants and then take the stubborn ones out by hand.

The old house patio after a good brush! It still looks sad so let’s brighten it up!
Brightening up an old patio
Lots of old buckets and pots.

I have lots of old metal buckets and pots so decided to recycle these. I did have to buy a tiered plant stand to put them on. I got this one from Amazon. There are lots to choose from on there that vary in size and material. I chose this metal one as it is sturdy to hold this amount of pots and as it is metal, it is easy to clean.

Brighten up an old patio
Planting up pots will brighten up an old patio
Brightening up an old patio
Stunning patio tiered planter full of colour.

I chose some plants that are Annuals (they won’t grow back next year) and some Perennials that I can transfer to the garden after the summer. Give all the plants a good water once they are in.
I used:
Scabious -butterfly blue P
Scabious -Pink mist P
Senetti deep purple (the daisy looking plant) A
Anemone de caen blue P
Anemone de caen pink P
Trailing Lobelia Red/pink A
Salvia Cardonna nemorosa P
Salvia Osfriesland nemorosa P
Lavender French pink P
African daisies A
The stand cost approximately £85
The plants cost £45
This would look lovely on a small patio or even on a balcony if you do not have a garden. The bees are already coming to the flowers and it definitely has brightened up this corner of the patio.
Now….I mustn’t forget to water them!

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How to brighten up a patio or small outdoor space. Oldhouseintheshires #gardening #containergardening


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