My Glorious Garden series: Hazelbury Manor Charity Open Day.

This week, I ventured to one of the Open Days for the National Garden Scheme. This is where local gardens are open to the public. Hazelbury Manor is near where I live in Wiltshire and is only open to the public on these days so I decided to go. Unfortunately, it was absolutely pouring with rain and everyone was busy so it was just me and my country boots and very large, umbrella! Even Dottie stayed at home as I wasn’t sure if she would be allowed in.

Hazelbury Manor
Hazelbury Manor

Hazelbury Manor is a Grade I listed privately owned property near the town of Box in Wiltshire. The manor house were not open to the public so I couldn’t go in! What a shame as it looked so inviting! The next Garden Open Day is on Sunday June 11th in the afternoon. I paid Β£5 to go inside.

The 8 acres of landscaped gardens are Edwardian in design having been laid out by George Kidston in the early 1920’s. The main attraction of these gardens is the beautiful Laburnum walkway and pleached Lime tree avenue.

The Laburnum tunnel at Hazelbury Manor Gardens
A close up of the Laburnum at Hazelbury Manor gardens

The pleached lime trees are an inspiration…I would love to add some to the old house garden…

Pleached trees at Hazelbury Manor Gardens
I felt like I was in The Shining movie!

The gardens were just beautiful but as it was pouring with rain I was all alone! It was a bit spooky to be honest….I can imagine the history of this place and as it was so dark in places so I walked quite quickly!

Hazelbury Manor Gardens
Lots of nooks and hidey places at Hazelbury Manor Gardens

This is not a place to take children particularly although on a warm day it would be a great place to play hide and seek! There is no shop or cafe but it is a stunning garden to roam (alone) on a wet morning! I’m glad I’ve been as I always wondered what was “over the wall.” Now I know!

Cascading pond at Hazelbury Manor Garden

Part of My Glorious Gardens series.

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