The 5 things that annoy me about Twitter.

I joined Twitter a month ago and it’s a bit bonkers to be honest! I’m not sure I like it either!


anete-lusina-146152I have about 400 followers so I’m sure if that’s good or bad and I don’t really care either way but what I do care about is manners! So what have I learnt in this first month and why is Twitter annoying me so much!?

  1. People follow you and then ghost you like an old boyfriend! Then, when you check to see where they went you realise that you’ve been DUMPED! How bloody rude! I’d like to think that the people that follow me, want to follow me but obviously not! I was obviously a naive and blind follower!
  2. It’s all very instant (I realise that’s the point) and you can retweet stuff every other minute if you want to (and people do!) but it’s boring! I end up on there missing my Tweets, not knowing who has tweeted what and generally giving up! And don’t get me started on the pointless “Morning!” kind of Tweets.
  3. It’s so obvious when someone with 4 million followers but only 2 that they are following are going to dump you when they say hi! Bog off please.
  4. Wow look! A cat from Slovenia is soooo cute! What. Was. I. Doing. For. The. Last. Hour??
  5. The posts that are selling me blogging tips…..well it’s ok the first time but then it’s just plain annoying!

So will I carry on with Twitter? I think so for the time being.

I’m in love with Instagram at the moment as it’s so user-friendly and I love looking at and taking photographs. I suppose I’m just nosey!



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