Am I an “inbetween” blogger?

I’ve committed blogging suicide apparently. According to every “How to get ahead in blogging” type post you must have a niche. Well, I don’t.

I’m not really a Parenting blog. Yes, I blog about life with my teens or the occasional post about when my children were younger. But that is not all I blog about.

I’m not really an Educational blog. Yes, I blog about educational things. Being a teacher means that these things do come up but I wouldn’t describe my blog as an educational site.

I’m not really a Gardening blog. I love gardening and gardens but I don’t only blog about these things. Gardening is my hobby and I love it.

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So, this has left me with a dilemma.

Do I carry on as I am and blog about all the things above or specialise in just one? I’ve been blogging for 7 months now and I’m still finding my way but do I really need a niche?

Well, I’ve decided that I love all of the above so I’m now renaming myself an “in between” blogger. I’m ok with that! Are you? If you like what you read, keep visiting the old house!
This old house blogs about gardening, garden visits, parenting dilemmas, mamas randoms and educational tips.

My blog has had a make over! What do you think?

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54 thoughts on “Am I an “inbetween” blogger?

  • I like blogs with many different subjects! I find that ‘niche’ blogs can become redundant to read and they all have the same subjects/posts… I too am an in between blogger – I write about running and races, hiking, travel, life as an expat… And I enjoy it because it’s ‘me’. In the end, a blog is a bit a reflection of your life and yourself and it’s your personal space to chose what to share and express. 🙂

  • Hello! I’m another new follower from the US – in New York state. I think you have the perfect niche – it’s so similar to mine. What you describe about your life – focused on family, garden, and old-house projects, is what I call being well-nested. I blog at Your gardens (and your children, of course) are beautiful!

  • There are lots of blogs that don’t ‘fit’ a particular niche but that’s what makes them more appealing to me. I don’t just follow beauty or fashion bloggers x

  • Depends entirely on your purpose for blogging. If it is part of your business, or you intend it to become so, a niche or at leasr a clear USP makes sense I guess. But if it’s simply a means of recording, sharing, different aspects of your life, who cares? If others find it interesting to read that’s a bonus I reckon.

  • Be true to yourself. I don’t worry about what other bloggers do. I am me. If we were all the same it would be a boring world! Don’t you think we all have many interests, I do! Unless you are selling a particular product, I say write want you what to write!

  • I agree follow your heart. I think niches can get a bit hard. Sometimes i wonder about all these blogging dos and donts. I am just a year old and i still havent figured it out… random is my way with a focus … 😆

  • I’m an “in between” blogger too. I write because I enjoy writing and it gives me a bit of space to think. Sometimes I need space to think about parenting issues, but sometimes it’s something completely random. I think variety is a good thing because it means you’re writing about the things that are important to you

    • I so agree! I’m getting fed up tbh of all these blogs that just review things/products or so obviously are reviewing a product but it’s within a post. I write about things that interest me but them I suppose I’m not looking for blogging to be my job. Thanks for commenting. X

  • I grappled with this problem as well, but in the end, decided I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Blogger!!! I love variety and most people are not one-dimensional! While they may have a particular passion like gardening, they may also have or have had kids, they all have to eat and who doesn’t love travel?!!! Your variety of subject matter keeps it interesting for both you, as the writer, and your readers and is one of the things I love about your blog. A niche blog may attract more readers of a particular interest, but I reckon variety will attract more readers from lots of different walks of life! So, keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it!!! xxx

  • I started out as a humor/parenting blogger but now I do reviews and run my polotical column through the blog as well as my freelance work which spans topics so Ill hang with you in blogging in between land.


  • I’ve been blogging for seven years, but I’m far from being any kind of expert on the subject of blogging. But I’d say blog about whatever assorted stuff you want to! I’m a food blogger, but I throw in a bit of travel, a bit of wine, and a whole lot of tea! And I do several great giveaways every year. Early on, someone suggested that I have a separate blog about tea; but I couldn’t, and still can’t, see myself keeping up two blogs. Just posting to the one, once a week, is all I can handle!

  • I’m an ‘inbetween’ blogger also – I think if blogging is a hobby for you, and you don’t want anything more out of it than that, then it doesn’t matter too much about having a niche. When you share about a lot of the things you love, there is variety and freedom, you aren’t pigeon holing yourself, then you enjoy your time creating content and just generally within the community a lot more. I’m a more recent reader of your blog, having discovered through a linky a while ago, but I love all that you share. #DreamTeam

  • I always thought the point of writing a blog was that you could do what you liked, that there were no rules. You can suit yourself with no mind to what others think is the “correct” way. It is an indulgence, in the best sense of the word, and that freedom of thought is entertaining to others. That’s the way I see it anyway. Go your own way, it seems to me to be a very fine one. x

    • I think you may be right! I have just been reading lots about growing your blog and it’s “find your niche”…it made me think I don’t really have one! However I’m not making a blog for my job so I suppose that bit doesn’t matter! Thanks for reading. X

  • That niche advice is targeting monetised blogs – so they can prove to potential advertisers that – I’m worth it.

    A personal blog, is about you, what interests you – and that is what your readers come for.
    Mine is a garden ish blog – but I write as I please. (And found you on a list of garden blogs ;~)

    • Oh, how lovely! You are right!
      I will check out your blog too.
      I have a link party coming up in early July where all gardening blogs can post and read each others posts. I hope you will join us. x
      Thank you for commenting!

  • I think our blogs should be a reflection of us and I think the more elements that we can include the more interesting they are to read. Hurray to being an inbetween blogger! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  • Do you! I blog about a range of different things that really vary in subject but if it is what your interested in then blog about it! You appear to have a good following so I wouldn’t worry about complying to “the rules” x

  • You’ve got me thinking! I suppose my blog is in the gardening niche. At one time I had six blogs about different topics but keeping them going was too much. Maybe I’ll start one non-gardening blog again. Though I’ll have to help resident cat with his first 🙂 And lift my web sites out of gestation. And finish the planting. And clean the windows……

  • Hello Iove your blog. I recently started blogging and still very new at it. I’m also an in between blogger as I blog about various topics. Myblog still looks a bit crappy but as time goes by I’m sure it will look as stylish as yours. Live your graphic design – did you do it yourself or did you get a graphic designer to do it for you. Please follow my blog

  • Hello I love your blog. I also recently started blogging and am also a in between blogger and blog about various topics. My blog still looks a bit crappy but I’m surein time it will also loom as stylish as yours. Did you do the graphic design for your header yourelfor did you use a graphice designer. Please follow my blog

  • Ahh I don’t think you need a niche. Your niche ends up being your writing, and your personal story. Pretty much everyone has a blog these days so it’s hard to have a niche as such. And if you have a niche that’s all about funny kids (that was mine, once upon a time) what the heck do you do when they grow up and they’re not so funny? 🙂 Just keep writing what you want to write is my take on it all.

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