The Old House Garden Round up. 14th July 2017. It’s all about sunshine!

It’s been 2 weeks since my last round up and I’m going to take a 2 week blogging break so this will be my last post for a while.
The garden is in it’s prime at the moment. My Mother in Law is here to stay and I’m so pleased she has brought the sunshine with her!

Old house garden July
Crocosmia is flowering now.


Old house garden July 2017
There is lots of Crocosmia so I’m going to divide these in the Autumn


The old house garden July 2017
The cottage border is looking stunning with all the different colours.
The old house garden July 2017
A second round of foxgloves are flowering now.
Old house garden July 2017


Old house garden July 2017
Lots of butterflies -this is a Gatekeeper
The old house garden July 2017
The old house garden July 2017
The pumpkin is growing really well and has lots of flowers on it.

The peas have failed. They are covered in spiders and caterpillars and the peppers haven’t done so well. Still trial and error in the Old House Garden. We have lots of tomatoes and cucumbers though.

I shall leave with some of the flowers that are blooming now.

The meadow area has really taken off! I’m so pleased with this area as I just sprinkled lots of seeds in May hoping to cover this sad little area!

Another round up done! I shall leave you with Tiger, my 10 year old cat.

Happy summer everyone and see you in August for #MyGloriousGardens Linky party!

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