Because I said so!


Can I have Coca Cola?



Because it’s bad for your teeth.


Because it’s got loads of sugar in it.

Well, you’ve got some.

Yes, I’m a grown up.

But you have teeth!

Yes, but my teeth are adult teeth and you are still growing.

Is sugar ok for adult teeth then?

Well no. You can’t have fizzy drinks because they also make you hyper.

But I promise I won’t get hyper!  Pleeeeaaassseee! I really want Coca Cola! Why does it make me hyper?

It’s the caffeine I expect and no, you can’t have any!

Well you like it and it’s got that stuff in it. Does it make you hyper?

(sighs) No, it doesn’t make me hyper. Look. You can have orange juice or water.

Does orange juice make me hyper?

No. It’s good for you!

Oh. Does it have sugar in it?

Ummm well, yes it does but we can water it down a little.

Well, can you can water down Coca Cola? I really want some…..pllleeaaassseeee mummy!


Why? Why? Why? (Cries…..getting crosser….)


(Cries, stamps foot etc etc) I WANT COCA COLA!!!





and that is the sign I would have made to take pride of place in my kitchen.

It’s been my parenting mantra.

This post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign blogger challenge.



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