The Old House garden round-up: Flopsy Flowers and caterpillars!

So far, August has been very wet and cold in Wiltshire. Today was the first day for a while that we could enjoy the garden as it was lovely and sunny. I decided to quickly take some photographs of the garden so that it looked gorgeous in the sun however this was what we have enjoyed since Saturday!

Of Course, this really took it’s toll on the garden; especially the flowers. It also made everything grow like crazy!

The old house vegetable garden
The vegetable garden is ready to burst with vegetables!
Old house garden
The pumpkins are coming on nicely!

My pumpkins, although developing large fruits, have also got mildew on their leaves and I’m worried that it will spread so I have removed the infected leaves and have my fingers crossed! It’s due to all the rain and humid conditions. The tomatoes, beetroot and peppers all seem to be happy as they are now producing fruits.


Now vegetable lovers will shake their heads at me but I actually planted cauliflowers hoping to attract butterflies! I’m not too keen on cauliflower but I do love butterflies so am pleased that the cabbage white has laid her eggs on them! There are also some on my nasturtiums too but they have self seeded from last year and again, I planted them for caterpillar food!

This seems to be a theme in the old house garden as we also have sawfly larvae on a small patch of roses too!

Although incredibly annoying, sawfly larvae are great food for ladybirds and I have seen many ladybird larvae eating the sawfly larvae so they can stay. I garden organically so I could take these little pest off by hand but I’m hoping the damage will be limited by encouraging natural predators.

The rhubarb we planted last Spring is now enormous so we are hoping to harvest from it next year.

Now for the rest of the garden…

Oldhouse garden
The cottage border


The meadow area looks absolutely stunning.


Old house garden
Japanese anemone just coming into flower

I replanted this plant stand last week, adding Dahlia and Hydrangea. I think it looks stunning and I’m really pleased with it.

Plant stand
My plant stand that I have replanted.

Lastly, here is a photo of my dear little Dottie dog taken with my new camera. I’m really pleased with it. Happy August everyone……in the next round-up there will be some changes to the Old House Garden. x

Dottie dog.

Lucy At Home


  • Your garden is looking so gorgeous, despite the rain! I also love Nigella and have planted some blue Miss Jekyll for the Spring. They look so beautiful in bouquets of blowsy old rose blooms! So exciting having a new camera! It takes lovely photos, especially Tiger and Dottie!!! Happy photographing!!!

    • Thankyou Jane. The camera is just on my new iPhone but it’s amazing! My kids always got my upgrade but this time I did and it’s so brilliant!! Dottie off the groomers today as she looks like a sheep!! And she smells like one too……😳I think she’s been rolling in something! Happy gardening. Xx

  • Sophie, this is the first time I had a peek into your orchard, and boy, your house and garden both look beautiful! It reminds me of one of our relatives’ cottage. She lives in Peterborough and is passionate about her garden too. xx

    • Ahhh thankyou! You must pop back in a few weeks as we are going to attempt some hard landscaping next week before school starts again. How are you getting on in NY?

      • That sounds interesting. I shall definitely do that. It is good. The vibes of an interesting cityscape shall not be put down. We have been so lazy this summer. Planning to get to the country by September at the least 🙂 xx

  • Wow, what a gorgeous garden!! And beautiful photos too!! So much detail. I’d love to have a garden like yours, but as I’m not naturally green fingered I’d need you to come and do it for me! Sadly I only have a tiny patch of grass. Boo. Lovely post. #BlogCrush

  • There is so much to love here, starting with your whimsical banner and ending with that adorable pooch. I love gardens, gardening, cats, dogs, the countryside. You’ve got it all going on here! Alys

  • oh you have stolen my heart with these photos, and I love that you want the butterflies around, I long to have a garden like this someday, So much work but so worth it. #blogcrush

  • Your garden is absolutely beautiful! The weather has been terrible though hasn’t it? It hasn’t felt like Summer at all! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • Your garden looks wonderful Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week for

  • Your garden is stunning! I try so hard to sort mine out, but I’ll spend a whole weekend on it, and then leave it for a while and so all the awful bushes and things grow back! It’s completely my fault, but I suppose I’ll have to wait until the little one is older to do it properly. I don’t think it’ll ever look as amazing as yours does though, you must be so proud! Thank you for linking with #Blogstravaganza

  • I love that you garden organically and that you are attracting ladybirds and butterflies there. It’s also lovely to see your disp;lay of gorgeous pink flowers on display. #BlogCrush

  • Your garden looks amazing. All my plants end up dying quite quickly. It makes me very sad. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  • What a gorgeous garden. You have such a beautiful property. I love that you planted plants to attract butterflies. I planted milkweed (butterflyweed) last year and this year, I finally spotted one monarch butterfly caterpillar. I am so happy, I might post a picture tomorrow. Thank you for visiting my blog and following. 🙂

  • Beautiful photos and your garden is gorgeous. I would love to grow my own vegetables and fruit but we don’t have our own garden at the minute. Hope your pumpkins make it to Halloween xx #blogcrush

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