#MyGloriousGardens: Stourhead in Autumn.

Stourhead is a National Trust property and garden that we have visited on numerous occasions. As National Trust members we thought we would visit in the Autumn as the trees are looking glorious at the moment. I love that with our family membership, we can explore an area for a day or for a quick dog walk.

Stourhead is a national treasure with a famous garden. It has been described as a work of art and I can see why! Visiting in Autumn allows you to see the landscape with all it’s beautiful colours on display. We visited on a rainy day but it was still glorious!

Stourhead Garden
View towards the Pantheon

The Stourhead garden was made by a wealthy English banker, Henry Hoare II who owned the nearby house. The garden was made in the valley behind the house and you can see the influence of his trips to Italy within the garden. The Temple of Flora at Stourhead was made in 1745 and the grotto in 1748. The lake and the Pantheon were made in 1754. It is based on the Pantheon in Rome and the planned walk through the estate is based on the journey of Rome’s legendary founder, Aeneas. The five-arched bridge was made in 1762 and the Temple of Apollo in 1765. Various other features such as the gothic cottage and the Rhododendrons  were added later adding to the wonderful yet unique atmosphere that is Stourhead.

View from the Pantheon across the lake.

In October there are various Autumn tours to take and warming refreshments offered in The Gothic Cottage. There are also trails for children to follow. The paths are well laid out and accessible for wheelchairs and buggies a like.

You can buy drinks and snacks here and enjoy them amongst the stunning Acers.


The Grotto resembles a cave and was built as a summer retreat from the heat. We found this statue of a river God inside as well as a Nymph.

The river God in the Grotto
View from the Grotto of the Autumn colours.

We really enjoyed the few hours we spent here. We didn’t visit the house this time but we did grab some lunch in the main restaurant which was excellent. Nearest the gardens is the quaint little pub called ‘The Spread Eagle’ which provided food and picnics to take away. There are toilets, an ice-cream parlour, picnic tables and an Art gallery here too.

Stourhead Gardens
The Spread Eagle Pub

We would recommend visiting Stourhead in the Autumn as the trees are looking just splendid. It is a great day out for all the family. Dogs are only allowed after 4pm though.

Stouthead gardens in autumn. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit

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  • So lovely to read about these gardens and see your gorgeous pictures. As I went through your post I realised I had been there years ago with my friend and her little boy at exactly this time of year. The colours were glorious, it’s a very special place. Thank you xx

  • Thank you for this lovely tour, I will try to get there soon!

  • Thank you for this post. The last time I visited Stourhead was the day after my daughters wedding in August 2 years ago. It was exactly the contemplative restoration I needed … my baby – married! Was in turn wonderful and poignant for me. Prior to that, I had visited from childhood with my father and remembered my Granny striding purposefully toward the temple in her leather soled shoes intent on finding the innards as she always dubbed interiors. Happy times with people long gone. So thank you. Thank you so much for your lovely pictures that bring the memories flooding into my little overtaxed mind.

  • Stourhead is one of the best, and always good in autumn. I’ve linked to this post in a round up of great autumn gardens to visit on my own blog, hope you don’t mind, it’s a very good example of a stunning garden for this time of year. #MyGloriousGardens

    • No that is perfect! Thank you for linking. X

  • This place is gorgeous! I wish I lived near you so I could see this place myself. Its an art museum and garden, two of my favorite things! Love the architecture and your pictures.

    • It really is Ann! Can u imagine designing this and creating it in the late 18th century? What vision! It’s just a shame that those same people don’t get to see it at its best, today. Xx

  • I love Stourhead too – it’s just one of those gardens that’s got the vistas just right, and you know that because even in photos you just sigh when you see them.

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