5 reasons why doing nothing is important.

Today, I will mostly be doing nothing. Well I will eat, make the odd cup of tea and complete a few household chores but apart from that, I will do nothing and actually that’s ok. Normally, I am so busy that having half an hour to myself is sacred so a whole day! Well, that is unheard of but here I am, starting to do nothing and it’s bliss and actually, quite important and here are 5 reasons why:

1. The pleasure of idleness

We are never ‘doing nothing’ but why not plan to be idle? It is important to rest and recuperate. Give our bodies and minds a rest from daily life. Having downtime is important for our health. Switch off from work. Switch off from social media (ok that is harder!). Switch off from seeing friends. It’s only for a short while but it’s needed.

2. Boredom boosts creativity

I remember as a child that I was always outside, up a tree, dreaming about fairies or watching the tadpoles in the pond. These unscheduled times were actually time to create. Sometimes ‘being bored’ is good as it makes you think about things for a while and come up with new ideas. Try it! Leave your children’s sometimes too;  it’s good for them to be bored!

3. Give your mind a chance to reboot.

I don’t know about you but I am often so busy that my mind feels scrambled. Actually that could be my age…..anyway, you know that feeling? There is so much going on that I can’t actually focus on one thing. I am a maker of lists at times like these and I do find this helps but other times, I need time just to switch off. Then everything feels much easier and I can get on with life again.

4. Reflection

Being too busy never gives us time to reflect on things; important decisions. I know that when I get very busy I don’t eat healthily or exercise. I don’t have time! Reflecting on our life choices also becomes harder when the daily grind gets in the way. I know that we have bought things for our house because the shop was there rather than because we really liked a certain product! It’s like when you go to the supermarket and throw in the same food as last week because you haven’t had time to make a list.

5. Being attentive

It’s crazy to think that doing nothing will make you more attentive right but think about it? How can you give your full attention to something when your mind is full to capacity of all the other things you have to do? Learning to do nothing will retrain your mind to give your full attention at other times. That’s got to be a good thing.

Doing nothing is important

Try scheduling ‘doing nothing’ and see if you are happier in your own life. It is a start but it’s an important one.

I wrote this yesterday and feel better today because of my scheduled ‘doing nothing’ day. Have a great week  my lovelies….back to school. X



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  • O.K., that cat picture . . . Perfect!
    And the timing on this post is great for me because we had a big storm here in the N.E. United States yesterday, and it really impacted on my productivity.
    And, that’s fine. I had a great day with my husband and youngest son, and then our oldest and his family ended up here for showers and supper because they lost their power, so there I sat while they ate, holding their adorable baby girl and being thankful that I’m a grandmother!

  • It’s so hard to give yourself permission to ‘do nothing’ because there is a modern phenomenon of the importance of being busy. Particularly professionally, worth is determined by how busy you are; not how productive, or successful just how busy. So idleness has been demonised, which I think is sad and dangerous as this is when – as you say – we get to be creative, and also to consolidate our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

    Good post!

  • Doing nothing every now and again is vital. As parents/workers or parents who work, our lives are very full and busy. Downtime is important for mental well-being and health. I could quite happily sit and read a book for the entire day and not feel the slightest bit guilty! 🙂 #TweensTeensBeyond

  • You have made some good points here, before stroke I was always rushing around, especially at this time of year in the run up to Xmas, now that I am disabled, I would love to be able to enjoy that mad dash and really miss the buzz#teenstweensandbeyond@_karendennis

  • My mother used to sing ‘I’m busy doing nothing, working my whole life through – trying to find lot’s of things not to do’ often and gleefully. Taking a step back, a step out and resting the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul is SO important – as important as getting out, doing, absorbing, interacting. I guess, in the end it’s all in the balance 🙂 xx

  • i haven’t had time to do nothing this year, but i do spend my afternoons just sitting at my laptop blogging and reading and commenting which i enjoy doing #tweenteensbeyond

  • I love having nothing days and in fact am doing that right now. Today is grey and dreary in town, the teens are busy working and as I am behind on my blogging I have shut myself in the study with mugs of tea only popping out to do another load of washing – the eldest is back for reading week and he took me at my word when I said make sure you bring your dirty washing home! I might pop out for a quick walk but otherwise my batteries are being fully recharged. #TweensTeensBeyond

  • So very true and worth it’s weight in gold. I agree with everything you say here. If only we just allowed ourselves to do it. Nothing, I mean. Although I’m getting better at it of late. Thanks so much for sharing here at #tweensteensbeyond and your support here at the linky

    • Oh I love your Linky!
      Thank you Nicky for your kind comments. Today was another bonkers day but tomorrow, I’m off to the hairdressers….. and relax.

  • I couldn’t agree more! Doing nothing went out of fashion in the 80s I think with the ‘lunch is for wimps’ mentality. We seemed to forget that we are animals and need the basics of survival like food and sleep. I like the idea of scheduling and will give that a go. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  • This post is exactly what I needed today. I told someone today that I don’t like being idle or doing “nothing” and that it’s hard for me, but I wrote a blog post today (thanks for reading it by the way) and hadn’t written or read other people’s blogs lately but now I realize it’s very calming and a much needed respite. Even though I’m going to be super busy in the coming months, this post just reminded me I need to make time for relaxation. Thank you!!

    • Oh it’s so important isn’t it? I find that now I’m in my mid 40,s (cough) it’s more important. My body physically needs it when working full time. X

  • I read that our lack of boredom is stopping our moments of introspection and that’s the key to feeling happy. So if you have moments of doing nothing, your happiness may increase! #Dreamteam

  • Of course, NO one can be as good as a cat at doing nothing! But now and then, a day doing just about what a cat does all day would be ever so nice – have a bite to eat, a bit of a lie down, a good stretch, get hydrated (cat – water, me – tea), have a wash, more sleep …

  • I agree, doing nothing really does boost creativity. Thanks for sharing! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about doing nothing in case you have time to look? Have a relaxing day, Sam 🙂

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