My Top 10 present ideas for Tweens and Teens this Christmas


I know, I know! It’s not Christmas yet but there are not many weeks until the Big Day! The M&S advert was out today so surely we can start talking about it??

I have to admit that I am not a big shopper BUT I do love internet shopping and I am spending many evenings at the moment being drawn to all the lovely websites with Christmas ideas. I don’t know about you but I’m also getting my teenagers showing me gift ideas and dropping serious hints about what they would like! With this in mind, I thought I would help you all by reviewing this amazing website  that I have come across which is full of great gift ideas for all the family.

Uncommon goods really appeal to me on so many levels as their goods are all wrapped up with an awesome company mission statement promoting sustainability and environmental friendliness both with their products and in the way they treat their staff. They do not sell products made from leather, fur or  feathers and many of  their products are handmade, organic or use recycled materials. It just has a lovely feel to it and you know how I love finding the lovely!

Here are my top 10 present ideas for Tweens and Teens with the help of my lovely children!

1. iPhone Charger Sticker Face

iphone charger

How cute are these?! In fact, I would like these too, please Mr Santa…. I thought for £9.86 these were a bargain.

2. Bounce ball game

bounce ball game.jpg

This is the sort of fun game that we would like to play at Christmas and everyone, including Grandma, could have a try! Win, win situation really….well almost! This costs £19.03 -strange price but under £20.

3. Time to be a Unicorn Necklace

unicorn necklace

My teenage daughter picked this out and I can see why. It’s a little more expensive at £44.15 but it’s so pretty. If you have a unicorn loving child there are lots of unicorn featured products to choose from (there is even a dog unicorn sweater which I think Dottie will have to have!)

4. Bowl with a hoop

bowl with a hoop.jpg

Anyone with Tween or Teen boys will know that they NEVER stop eating and cereal is their number one choice! My son must eat 20 bowls per week… I thought of him when I saw this gift. Yes, I am buying this! It was created by a boy named Max who looks like a sports loving teen! Perfect.

5. Birth Month Flower Earrings

flower earrings

These are personalised depending upon your child’s month of birth but I loved these as a gift. I thought of my God daughter actually as she is 17 and I know that she loves earrings. Jewellery for teens always goes down well in our family.

6. Gummy Bear lights


I think most Tweens would love these. I think they are really reasonable at £21.30 and would great in any bedroom. I remember my daughter had a similar green novelty light when she was about 10 and it really gave a fabulous glow to her bedroom.

7. Make your own Lip Balm

lip balm.jpg

Hands up whose daughter has a bucket load of lip balm?? Ok that’s everyone who has a teenage daughter! Well how about make your own? I thought this was a cool novelty gift.

8. Game of Phones

phone game.jpg

My children’s phones are attached to their hands and I have read recently about how the art of conversation is dying amongst this age group so what better than an interactive conversational game using their phones? This looked like another game that everyone could be involved with at Christmas. It’s £15.22 so a great stocking filler.

9. Bag of Coal Soaps

coal soap.jpg

My son thought that this was the sort of thing that Santa usually brought him! Something silly yet useful! This is priced at £7.61 so a fun gift for any tween or teen. I think the soap washes in black too so that could make showering fun…..ummmm not sure about cleaning the shower though!!

10. Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory's story cubes.jpg

Now I couldn’t review products without adding something a little bit educational could I? So here is my last product and it’s one that I actually used in school today! These story cubes are only £5.71 and they are great for Tweens to develop their story writing skills.


*This post offers my own, honest review of these products. I was financially compensated for this post. You may view my disclosure policy Here

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