If you don’t prioritise your life, who will? Why Self-Care is so important.

Those feelings are returning.
You know the ones.
The feelings of, “I’ve taken on a bit much here and I’m struggling to find time to even go to the loo in peace!’

Why do I not prioritise my own life? Why don’t I practise self-care?

Or when you realise your house looks like it has never been cleaned in it’s entire life (and the old house was built in 1840) so you get the picture!

Why is it we find it hard to strike a balance in life?

I ask myself this and do join me if you like, why do I find it hard to prioritise my own life? 
I think this is very much something that many parents feel. Of course our children can’t be left to fend for themselves and that is not what I’m saying! However, I don’t think parents prioritise time for themselves. Time away from the children to be adults. Time to exercise or get our nails done or even spend time with our partners.
Two weeks ago I decided to join the gym. Yes, I know I’m adding more to my life mix! But if I don’t prioritise my physical health then I have found that I just don’t cope very well with stress and I begin to panic that I can’t cope. This is my vicious cycle that plays on repeat. I’ve been a member to this gym in the past and enjoy swimming. There is a small pool at this gym that is practically empty as everyone is in the gym! It feels like my own little pool where I can swim in peace without being jumped on by little children. There are lovely warm changing rooms with free fluffy towels and bath robes to use. And….there is a sauna that no one else seems to have discovered! For the past 2 weeks I have been going after work three days a week and it is bliss. I’m aiming for 100 lengths every week which sounds amazing to me so I just don’t remind myself that the pool is only 15 metres long! I am noticing the difference in my ability to manage the stress already. It’s as if that time in the pool is giving me the time I need to recharge.

So how do you find time for yourself and what do you do in that time?

If it’s a 40 minute run, watching a football match, enjoying a cup of tea whilst reading a good book or a lovely, long, leisurely bubble bath, make time for you because no one else will and you will thank yourself for it!
Now, I’m off for a hot stone massage! I’ve never had one so thought I’d try it because……I’m worth it!


Mission Mindfulness


  • A hot stone massage sounds deeply relaxing. I am happy to read to that you are taking time to pamper yourself and destress. Mine is indeed running by the river if not on a beach 🙂 xx

    • Ah that’s good. I can’t run but I do love a swim. Xx

      • We have to look out for what our body can or cannot do, like I cannot withstand pilates, though I love yoga 🙂 Swimming is the best workout there. xx

        • Oh I love Pilates but fall asleep during yoga! Xx

          • Tee hee see now that is worthy exploring. Maybe a spot of power yoga? I love how it energises me and yes the shavasana at the end makes me way too sleepy. I customarily cheat on it.

  • Been asking myself this question this week!! I snatch it a little bit at a time, work it in, but sometimes it’s hard. I do schedule gym time in my calendar though. And I make at least one friend date a week.

  • I hope you enjoyed your stone massage, Sophie. I’ve not had one so I’ll be interested to know what you think. It is very important to take time out and destress. I’m doing that at the moment with a few days at the beach. I’m very fortunate to have a pool at home and love to swim in the mornings. The water is nearly warm enough now. It is so relaxing and freeing for the mind. Enjoy your relaxation. Look after yourself. As you say, no one else will. Best wishes.

    • It was bliss thank you Norah!
      You are lucky to be enjoying warmer weather. It’s cold and dark here! Dark at 4pm today and dark when I got up at 6.30am.

      • I’m so pleased you enjoyed the massage, Sophie.
        I wouldn’t enjoy your shorter days. Our shortest winter days are from about 6.30 am – 5.00 pm. But your long summer twilights would be wonderful. Our summer days are from about 4.30 am to 7.00 pm. Mind you, we are happy when the sun goes down and the day (hopefully) cools a bit.

        • That is true. We get to enjoy light until 9.30/10pm mid summer. Xx

  • I would love a hot stone massage right now Sophie. I love to swim and I do yoga in a class and at home. If I fall behind I notice it pretty quickly. Its hard to keep the balance 🌼

    • It is. The massage was blissful!
      Are you happy for me to Stumble your post from this months My Glorious Gardens Brigid tomorrow?

  • #thesatsesh Oh this is a lucy post, i adore it! I’m all about me to be the best for everyone else. I have to say the balance is hard (especially in winter when the nights draw in and the morning snuggly bed is hard to get out of) but yes this message is clear and a wonderful reminder x

  • Ooooh I love the sound of your gym and the aim of 100 lengths a week. You are so right about prioritising yourself and it seems to be this time of year which is most difficult for me. I try to go for a run sometime at the weekend and will really try my best this weekend after reading this. #thesatsesh xx

  • Ooh I’ve always wanted to try a hot stone massage, maybe I’ll add that to my Christmas list 😬. For me I love to curl up with a good book or binge watch a favourite program. It doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as it should but I’m working on it x

  • Wow, what I wouldn’t give for an hour and one half with a hot stone massage… That is the stiff dreams are made of, and you are absolutely right. If we don’t do it, who will? I’m a bit out of whack at the moment, so this came in good time for me. Time to grab the reins and take it over. M’wah! #thesatsesh xoxo

    • Haha! It is tricky to find 10 mins sometimes!

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