Six on Saturday: the realities of gardening in November.

Hello everyone and here is my Six on Saturday!

Six on Saturday was started over at The Propagator Blog so I try to join in when I can.

It’s very wet and rainy here and after a blustery walk with Dottie, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee before going to my daughters last EVER school hockey match. Where did that time go? We are off to Cheltenham so I thought I’d quickly take some pictures of my garden.

No Instagram perfect pictures here! But that’s the point today! The garden is looking very Autumnal but that’s the reality of gardening in November.

Oh Apple Tree I love you but not when you shed all your leaves all over the lawn that Hubbie has just cleared!
The Cottage Border which I like to leave until the Spring so that creatures can over winter here so it looks a little overgrown.
My Tree Peony is losing it’s leaves and is looking sad. I plan to remove these leaves tomorrow to stop them rotting on the ground.
The bird bath is full of leaves but as fast as I clear them, they fill up again!
A pumpkin I left and, as I expected, has been nibbled by our resident hedgehogs! I like this so I will leave it! It is loving the last of the apples too and I saw him last night when Dottie does her last patrol before bed!
My 2 lovely Acers and looking glorious and very red! They are doing really well in this raised and sheltered bed.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: the realities of gardening in November.

  • I love that bird bath! Also, having just written about hedgehog houses on my blog, I’m curious to know whether your hedgehogs are living in your garden or just visiting. If resident, what sort of hedgehog house do you have?

    • Well I think it lives under the shed. There was an old one living under the shed 2 years ago. I know that because I had to take him to the vet who said she’d never such a fat one! He left when released (or possibly died). I saw 2 youngsters over the summer and I think this one is one of those as it’s quite small. I’m leaving food out. We have many many places for it to live and we have about 10 houses connected back to back with old, long gardens where we have a population of hedgehogs.
      We found that birdbath in our garden can you believe!

  • It must be autumn! What a lot of lovely leaves. We don’t have fall here. Most of our trees are evergreen. How cute that you have a hedgehog nibbling pumpkins in your garden. I hoped to see a hedgehog when I visited the UK, but didn’t. I did bring back a beautiful soft toy hedgehog though. It’s very cute. We don’t have hedgehogs in Australia. Some people think our echidnas are like hedgehogs, but they’re not. They are monotremes and lay eggs. 🙂

    • Yes our lovely hedgehog population. We are very lucky. Hedgehog numbers have halved in the past 5 years in the UK which is terrible! They get squashed on the roads and ae losing their ability to roam due to housing being built with tiny gardens. I also think the badger numbers have increased as we don’t tend cull them as much and they eat hedgehogs. Very sad.

  • These pictures are lovely and autumnal! My garden is absolutely caked in leaves at the moment. I need to go out there today and sweep them all up but it feels too exhausting to contemplate 😉

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