6 Easy ways to Decorate the Winter Garden.

There’s no delaying it. The Holidays are here and while everyone’s busy decorating their homes, there’s one place that most people tend to forget about.
The garden.
It’s pretty understandable why gardens are often left to fend for themselves during winter. After all, many want to avoid working in a cold, wet, and probably slippery environment during winter. Between staying at home and working in the garden, the former’s a clear winner.

In reality, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. The festivities should not be an excuse for you to not take care of your garden. Besides, a well-maintained and beautiful-looking garden is sure to compliment your interiors even more.
Sure, it does require extra work. But the bottom line is, it’s all worth the effort.
Here are six ways to decorate your garden this winter:
Flowers for Winter
Winter is the time when most plants go dormant. From luscious green and colourful gardens, they’ll transform into bare and seemingly lifeless sceneries. Flowers are fantastic in providing a much-needed contrast to the ‘white’ and ‘grey’.
Irises, for instance, make an excellent addition to your winter garden with their purple flowers. Note though, that they love stony ground, Using gravel on top of the soil   is the best way to go.
Hellebores are also a brilliant choice as a flowering plant for the winter. They blossom in January amidst the snow in beautiful shades of pink, maroon, or white, earning them the appropriate name of ‘Christmas Rose’.
If you’re looking for something that’s sturdier than flowering plants, there are flowering shrubs for you to choose from. Camelia, Heather, Witch Hazel — these are just some of your options. They’re also a great alternative to trees if you have less space to work with.

Hellebores or Christmas roses.

Tree Carvings
Works of art like chainsaw carvings made out of trees are becoming popular.
Inspirations from animals, people, buildings, or carved faces can be made from trees. If you’ve been thinking about removing that dead tree in your garden, instead consider turning it into a beautiful carving.
These sculptures are effective focal points. People can’t help but stop and look at them with amazement. If you want your garden to stand out from the rest, you should consider putting some of these wonderful artworks on display.
You should, however, avoid carving into a living tree. Bark is like a tree’s skin, and cutting into it isn’t great for it’s health. You run the risk of exposing the tree to infections, or in the worst situations, slowly killing it.
Scent, scent, scent!
When it comes to garden decors, it is not always about visuals. And with winter where your options are slightly limited, a touch of fragrance from cleverly chosen plants can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your garden.
If you can make your garden smell as good as it looks, all the better.
You can start with Wintersweets with their sort of spicy fragrance. Along with that, you also get a two-layered petal formation which adds more character to a cold garden. Keep in mind though, that you need a lot of patience as the flowers don’t bloom during their first few years.
Now that we’re done with plants and trees, let’s talk about lights.
You’re used to dressing your Christmas tree in fancy lights together with other parts of the house. So why not take these lights outdoor to your garden?
You’ll never go wrong with fairy lights and lanterns. There are no better lights to go with the festivity than these. You can drape fairy lights around trees and shrubs.
Lanterns, on the other hand, can be hung from trees as well. You can also attach them to outdoor structures like sheds, wendy houses, and fencing.
The only problem that you might have is setting them up. This is especially true if you’re using electric-powered lights that use cords. Instead you can choose battery powered lights, but finding a solar powered version is the best option.
Solar lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. As these lights are powered by the sun, you have no need for cords or batteries, so they can be placed anywhere you like. During the day they charge up, and light up once it gets dark.
If anything, making up your mind about which lights to go with is probably the only issue that you’ll face.

Lanterns in the garden
Lanterns in the Garden

DIY Natural Holiday Bird Wreath for your Garden
Creating your Holiday Wreath is indeed hitting two birds with one stone. For starters, you get yourself some nice decor for your winter garden. Another benefit is you attract birds by using edible materials.
As you know, birds are also a great attraction during winter as they make a lifeless garden lively. Providing them with food helps support them through the colder months when it’s difficult for them to find something to eat.
Making the wreath is pretty easy compared to what most people would think. You can start using a pre-made evergreen as the base, or purchase real branches from your local garden centre. For the bird treats, you can choose from different edible items such as cranberries, apricots, raisins, apples, oranges, etc.
Don’t forget to top up your wreath every so often to keep the birds visiting.

Fire Pit
One of the reasons why a lot of people simply decide to ‘forget’ about their gardens during winter is because of the cold. But did you know that you can build a fire pit to keep you warm outside?
Building a FirePit in your garden is an easy DIY project. It’s the perfect way to introduce campfire cooking into your garden. Not only that, but a fire pit also provides a great opportunity for friends and family to gather around and socialise.
Indeed, it’s a stylish and functional landscape feature that will never go out of style. Note, however, that it needs to be built away from your house and trees for safety. You also need to check your local building code if there are specific rules that you need to follow.
If building a fire pit is a bit too big of a project to take on, instead consider getting a freestanding fire pit or a chiminea. The latter keeps flames enclosed, acting like an outdoor stove. Both are easy to install, as all you need to do is find some level ground to place them on.

Winter fire pit
Add a fire pit in your garden.

Keep on Loving your Garden
Don’t forget about your garden this winter. It still needs some of your attention regardless of the festive season. While you are taking care of Winter jobs, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile by decorating your outdoor space too.
So go outside, use your imagination to come up with ideas, and create a space that you can enjoy all year round!


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  • I must admit to letting the garden ‘get on with it’ at this time of year. I planted Hellebores and Daphnes last year, so they should be well established this year to put on a good show. I’ve yet to plant my tulip bulbs, but then I like to like live dangerously!

  • I never think to decorate our garden but I always love those that do. I think garden lanterns are some of my favourite things all year round anyway but there is something even more beautiful about them in the winter. #BloggerClubUK

  • My hubby would love a fire-pit!! As he already has a chiminea I’ve always said no – but I have to admit it adds a lovely atmosphere to the garden! x Thanks for the guide! #Blogstravaganza

    • U r welcome! We r planning a fire pit although haven’t got one yet!

  • I love the idea of a fire pit, it’s so nice to be outside when it’s cool but have the heat of a real fire! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • Thank you for writing this. Love the idea of lights in the garden and my hubby would be interested in a fire pit I’m sure. #BloggerClubUK

  • This was a really interesting read, and has given me some Winter garden inspo! I love the fire pit idea as it’s definitely the cold that’s the main deterrent for me in the winter. Beautiful gardens definitely compliment beautiful homes so well. #mondaystumble

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