Children see the wonder in things; can you?

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” Albert Einstein
Did you see the recent snow?
Wasn’t it brilliant? Or was it annoying? Cold? Did it get in the way of plans? Or, did you see the wonder in it? As a child would?
Awe and wonder

I watched as my dog raced around in the snow with such joy! It reminded me of when children experience something for the first time whether it be snow or the beach. Whether it be the simple things like collecting sticks or seeing something beautiful in a stone, we can all learn something from children and pets. Seeing something wonderful in something so seemingly mundane is where adults go wrong. Can we see things with the awe and wonder of a child?Not seeing what our children see stops us enjoying the simple things and it’s the simple things that matter in this life.

Do we hide our emotions?

Children see the world as a place of curiously, of awe and within the ‘now’. They want to know why things are or how things work and laugh if things are funny and cry when they feel sad. I wonder when we lose this gift of being in the moment? Perhaps feeling our emotions becomes too much for us? Or perhaps we feel silly or develop embarrassment? I expect it’s because we learn how to hide our emotions; to keep our real self hidden from others; to try to protect ourselves from being hurt by others. It’s our adult emotion shield. However, I do believe that living in the moment and feeling our emotions have a place in our everyday lives. They help us to feel the importance of living in the present moment and enjoying it rather than over-thinking what might happen next or what has happened in the past. This is called being mindful or practicing mindfulness and it is steadily having an impact on my own life in an incredibly positive way.

Beautiful sunset
Look for the wonder and you will find it.














Be present and look up!

Tragedy is all around us; we see it on the news, we feel it in our everyday lives but we can also see and feel wonder if we just stop and look for it. Being in the present moment and seeing the wonder that is right there in front of you will make you appreciate all you have. Stop striving forward each day whether it be for more money, planning the next baby, a new house or a better job when actually, where you are right now is important. Enjoy it. Look up and look around you. I’m not saying give up on all your plans or dreams but what I am saying is also enjoy the now. Feel the fresh air on your face, look at your home and it’s comfy sofa, cuddle your children and enjoy that moment when your dog sees snow for the first time. Feeling satisfied with THIS moment and seeing it’s wonder will being you more satisfaction and happiness in the long run.
Our life is a journey, it’s not a race.
Look for wonder and it will find you.

Children see the wonder in things; can you? Oldhouseintheshires. #parenting

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  • To me, snow is wondrous. We were surprised to get eight inches of snow in the mountains of North Carolina on Friday and Saturday. What a treat!

    • OUrs is gone this morning but is was lovely ❤️

  • We have become such a restless breed – longing for this and that, a world made small enough that we can dream of travelling all over it, advertisements for better and shinier boots or cars all around us, success being implied as income …. for what – to spend on even more new and shiny things, I suppose and on fancy restaurant meals that still go the same way as a homemade bowl of soup in our kitchen a day later when we visit the bathroom; no more going to the pub and getting bladdered and going home naked with a feather head-dress on for the ‘Stags’ – a week in a foreign place getting bladdered 24/7 whilst spewing money and coming away with no memories except all those pictures captured on a phone. And yet. Snow had the internet crackling with pictures and before that people were posting Autumn so the inner child IS still there – it just needs nurturing and as you rightly say children can find wonder in just about anything. I say hallelujah to you and hope that many more will begin to understand that ‘mindfulness’, awareness, a simple understanding of self and a slowing down to enable seeing and feeling and hearing and being open to the wonder that really is all around us, is a better way to live a life. Maybe then ‘anxiety’ will cease to be one of the most common conditions needing treatment from over-stretched healthcare systems. And before I get a lorry-load of abuse for being smug …. I suffer with anxiety 😉 xx

    • I think I do too and that’s why mindfulness is so helpful for me. I watched 5 people fight over Xmas lights in a shop this weekend and I just can’t believe the pettiness of it all. Thank you for your wonderful comment Osyth. Xx

  • The sight of the big Christmas tree on the square, light snow flakes swirling and lights twinkling took my breath away yesterday. My inner child is alive and well!

  • Thisis such an inspirational post and in it you have encapsulated why I will never tire of working with children. They so see the world with wonder and we can learn so so much from them and their innocent wide eyed approach to life. Thank you for inspiring me today 🌟 #familyfun

    • Oh you are so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it and for your kind comment. X

  • This is just a lovely post explaining the lessons we can learn from our pets and our children about being present. Children are fab and this post reminds us of that beautifully. Love that mindfulness is having such a positive impact on your wellbeing too. #familyfunlinky xx

  • I am a big advocate of mindfulness and practice it regularly. I find it really helpful when I am unable to sleep and worrying about what is round the corner or what I can do next. Being in the moment is a great tool and we certainly can learn a lot from our little ones in this respect. I whinged about the snow and how it was going to disrupt so many things but my children just enjoyed it and took it what it was… hmm…Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    • Yes I find it really helpful at times of stress. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Xx

  • Hear, hear I totally agree. I love the here and now. I spent years wishing certain stages would hurry up and pass, now I’m desperately trying to hold on to the inoccence of my youngest two!! Life passes by way to quickly. Just look forward to us actually getting some snow to play in.
    Just gotta say, every time I visit your blog, your header is so cheery it puts a smile on my face even when its frosty outside! #tweensteensbeyond

    • Ah thank you Sharon! I’m with you there!nmy eldest is in her last year at school and I’m holding her thinking, how did that happen?
      Oh I love my header too! Thank you. Xxx

    • PS I’ve just been over to you site and pinned a load of your posts. They make me laugh! I think we must live in very similar houses…x

  • I do try and see the wonder in things. But I do think as adults we put up certain guards to protect ourselves and others. I am trying to relax and enjoy my life, I have a great life, but sometimes it isn’t always easy.

  • Beautifully written. I definitely take the time to look through my ‘child eyes’ every once in a while. There’s a lot of awful stuff going on so I think it’s important to, it helps you see the amazing, wonderful world we live in and how it’s all happening x

    • We didn’t have loads and none settled but the dog loved the snow showers. X

  • In recent years I have aimed to be more mindful and it works. I jump in the snow, stare at the stars, hug trees, and pick up pretty stones. I talk to strangers, melt into hugs and read more of these lovely blog posts x

    • Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. X

  • So true. I have to train my mind to be in the moment. Sometimes meditating and sometimes doing things that naturally break down moments into their beats. I think that’s why I love things like acting, poetry, reading and gardening. I love to connect with moments. #DreamTeam

    • That is great advice. Moments…..yes. X

  • Very wise words. It does become harder to appreciate the little things and live in the now as you get older and have more responsibilities. It’s a good skill to practice though, even for a short period each day. Thanks for sharing #BlogCrush

  • Love this post, I’ve actually got something similar in draft. A common topic of mine is how much we could learn, how much happier and just plain better the world would be if adults acted more like six year olds sometimes. #dreamteam

    • Thank you Jeremy. You are right! A comical take on it would be fun though too….can you imagine if we all did live like 6 year olds? Hahaha

  • I love this post! So timely too, as we all get a chance at re-looking at Christmas through the eyes of our kids! I find a whole new sense of wonder with everything, and for that alone, I am so very grateful! Hope your holiday was wonderful and that you and yours have a fabulous happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018! xoxo #dreamteam

  • Sophie it is so good to be reminded of the value of the here and now. I am sure we are all guilty of wishing for something different or something more rather than appreciating what we have. With my eldest home for Christmas and my youngest starting that final journey of school years I have found myself being very reflective recently about capturing all those precious family moments before they all disappear. Mindfulness is not something I have embraced fully yet but various scenarios over this holiday have made me consider its value and your post more so. Thank you for that. #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Oh I know what you mean…..embrace it, it will make your life more fulfilled. Xx

  • Love this. We all need to stop looking at what we are missing out on. Stop striving for the impossible. Learnt that pretty quick when I adopted my two. Small gains, lower expectations, less disappointments. I always try to move forward. Learn from mistakes – but not beat myself up with them.
    Hope you had a good Christmas x
    #tweensteensbeyond #BlogCrush

    • We did ta and thank you for ur kind words. Happy New Year to you. X

  • I so agree – living in the moment is where happiness lies and I have written about this myself in the past. Children make us do that (both by example and because of their urgent needs) and that’s why I was happiest when I had young kids. Now I have to try some way of re-creating that in mid-life! I think I should give mindfulness a go. Thanks so much for your support for #TweensTeensBeyond during 2017 and looking forward to reading more in 2018. xx

    • You should give mindfulness a go Sharon! I love it and it has certainly helped me in the last few years.
      I love your Linky and the community you have built. Here’s to a happy and fulfilling 2018. 😍

  • As someone who is really trying to stop worrying and feeling anxious all the time about what may or may not happen in the future, I am trying to start using mindfulness in my daily life and I love this way of living! You make such a good point that children and animals see so much wonder in the world and it’s such a shame we lose that as adults.xx #blogcrush

    • You are right Wendy! I love mindfulness….it has really helped me when I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. I know that that moment will pass and life will carry on. Actually looking for moments that make us happy is such a positive message to give ourselves and can only help us feel more content. Take care lovely. X

  • I often think we are all so busy dealing with everyday life that we forget about the little moments, the moments that Children see. I wish we could all be a kid again for the day, and see how life looks different! Thank you for linking up with #GetMooreFromLife

  • I love this post and it is so true. We need to stop and look around us more. I love the quote about life being a journey and not a race, as so often we whizz through our days with their to do lists forgetting to actually live the day. #GetMooreFromLife

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