The Old House Garden Plans for 2018.

In the past week, we have had time to think about our plans for the garden for 2018. We have already changed the garden quite a bit. You can read about how we created the rose garden and how we made a start to this garden.

Firstly, here are some recent photos for my garden round-up but first Dottie in a video….she was going crazy in the little bit of snow we had!


Our plans.


Space for a greenhouse.
We would like to put a greenhouse in the left.
Garden with table and chairs
We would like to put an urn on a plinth where the table and chairs
Wildlife pond
The pond has definately got a leak so we need to either repair this or create a new one.
Garden in winter
We need to carry on with this path and perhaps put a seat around the Apple tree.
Messy garden
This area needs clearing and perhaps create a new border?

At the moment, we think we would like to move the pond here (or just build another one) and extend the path to another patio circle all surrounded by natural, meadow style borders. Through the arch would be kept as lawn. We need to do something as the path just stops and needs to go somewhere!
However, I need help. What do you think would look good here? Perhaps we should remove the strange, structure that the cats live in? This would make this area easier to landscape I think. I am aware that I want to still encourage wildlife as much as possible and we really liked the meadow area that we had this year as it was brilliant for insects.

Thanks for reading. Any comments about what to do would be greatly received!

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  • I’m so pleased you wish to keep the meadow area and the pond to encourage wildlife. I love wildlife in my backyard. Your backyard looks quite large.

  • I certainly think the path needs to have a less abrupt ending! And maybe your cats would find shelter somewhere else if you removed what is not entirely a practically nor aesthetically placed structure. Wild and cultivated already sit beautifully in your garden so nothing is wholly screaming. The pond …. you can move the wildlife you know. It takes time and no-how but you can do it if you want to lose what might become a bog if you aren’t careful. I do hope you play croquet on the lawns in summer. Such a wonderfully relaxing game. Or horribly competitive if my cousins get a look in but so many happy memories. Whatever you do, enjoy the doing, don’t get hung up and remember you have a lovely legacy of a place that will look pretty damned gorgeous whatever you do (so long as you don’t decide to have disco balls and fake classical sculptures all over the place! Just my thought …. xxx

    • Love that you took the time to write your thoughts Osyth. Always a pleasure reading them. Yes, the path will have to continue won’t it! I think we shall have to move the pond or just create another one and keep the planting around it v natural. Crochet? No! Boules is much more fun! Xxx

      • I play boules (or petanque as it is generally known my side of France) here and Croquet in England. But then I buy bangers in Britain and Saucisson in France – just my thing 😉 That path … I would loan you JimPig whom I wrote of aeons ago – he looks like Where’s Wally and he built our path and effected the Alec Guinness in The Bridge Over the River Kwaï for my amusement … hilarious man but now in his 70s he mightn’t be so keen.

        • Haha! Awesome. I need a ‘Jimpig’ indeed! We are going to start digging the pond tomorrow as long as it’s not too frozen. Progress is slow due to that small thing called work. Blast. Happy New Year to you. Xx

          • Oh how I understand slow progress …. we neither of us live in our renovations – I am 7 hours away and hubby is on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Work, life, life, work it all gets in the way but, my dear – we WILL triumph. Happiest of Happy New Year’s to you all xx

  • I’d concentrate on the pond for the moment. If you’re going to repair (or replace – depends how old it is) the liner, you ought to do that before the frogs get amorous! Which means quickly. My mob often start having their wicked way by the end of January. Then, you have cats! Cats like frogs and newts for all the wrong reasons. Where the pond is there’s a lot of shelter. Can you replicate this if you move the pond elsewhere (the wildlife will soon relocate happily of course; even if you go for the two pond approach, they’ll find the second one and without shelter you may find lots of half-eaten frogs around it). Could you overcome the leaf problem by netting the pond at the appropriate time? In fact, frogs like the gunk that builds up at the bottom of ponds from rotting leaves – it’s fish that don’t. I allow a few inches of “mud” to develop and aim to control rather than remove it. But whatever you decide, keep the photos coming please.

    • I showed your advice to my better half and we r off liner shopping…. will keep you posted!!! Xx

  • The great news is you have a large area that can be manipulated into anything you want it to be. 🙂 The challenge comes from deciding what goes, stays and or is relocated since you have other factors such as trees and wildlife you want to take into consideration. The pond should probably be relocated from directly under the tree. I would also suggest sitting in areas that provide a lovely view of the garden. The structure that the cats enjoy could be refurbished and relocated to less obstructive section of the garden. Your options are many so focus on the aspects of the garden you love the most and work your ideas around those elements. Thanks for sharing. All the best to you and your family in 2018. 🙂

  • Still looking good, even in winter. I like the meadow area. A jolly burst of colour. Looks like you’ll be busy over the next year with your plans. Plenty of blog material. Good luck!

  • Great ideas dear!
    You mentioned a seat around the apple tree – I think that would be lovely!
    Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

    • Thank you Claire. Happy New Year to you. Xx

  • So this is a true English lovely…and for my two cents…you just never can have enough ponds. Happy New Year. 🙂

    • I like your 2 cents! Thank you, I agree. It is a rather English house and garden isn’t it? I feel blessed and tired (!) with living here but it is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my little part of the internet. X

  • You have a wonderful garden, mine is tiny, it’s great to hear that you are keeping the meadow area#mudpiefridays@_karendennis

    • That’s it! I’m always planning the next bit or have the seed catalogues out!

  • What a wonderful large garden you have with so many distint and different areas.
    I’ll be following your renovations with interest to see the finished job.

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