6 on Saturday: A review of 2017 in the old house garden.

I was reading the usual 6 on Saturday posts which I love and Thomas posted about his 6 favourite garden successes of 2017. I thought I would join in too! The weather here in Wiltshire is very stormy with high winds and lashing rain so plans to start digging out the new pond will have to wait!
If you have not joined in with 6 on Saturday before you can find out more from its creator, The Propagator Blog.

1. My number one this year has to be Creating the Rose garden.
It was such hard work as we did all the work ourselves as well as working full-time and having family commitments but we are so pleased with it!

Dog in a paved, Rose garden
Dottie in the rose garden

2. The old apple tree.
This old tree produced so much fruit this year that I am still eating apple sauce!

Apple tree
The old house Apple tree

I have read that the apple harvest wasn’t that good this year but it was in the old house garden and we only have one tree! Advice needed here actually; do I prune an old apple tree? Many branches are crossed over and intertwined with each other. Thanks in advance!

3. My Cottage border

Cottage plants with statue.
The old house cottage border in July 2017 planned in May 2016

We only added  this border  in the Spring 2015 nd it was glorious in 2017! I added lots of manure and mulch in March (such beautiful alliteration!) which produced lots of blooms all the way until November. I shall be doing the same again this year. I also added kitchen ingredients.

4.  The old bird bath

We found this in the old house garden and so incorporated it into the Rose garden. It was so heavy! It took 4 of us to lever it onto its side and then we had to roll it into place. It is mounted on bricks to raise it slightly. I love it!

Bird bath
The Old House Bird Bath September 2017

5. The plant stand

Patio plant stand with pink and purple plants in vintage pots.
Beautiful patio plant stand with vintage pots.

I bought this to brighten up the patio. You can read about my plant choices

6. Now for my favourite plant. This was tricky as there were so many that I loved!


Red acer with old house behind.
Beautiful, red Acer in the Old House garden.

I have to choose this gorgeous Acer that I found looking very neglected in a garden centre for about £25 in March 2017. Look at it in October! It adds so much colour and looks glorious!
I’ve really enjoyed looking back at the year in the old house garden! I hope you have too.
#MyGloriousGardens will start again March and I hope you will join me. Happy new Year to you all lovely gardening people. 😍

Review of the old house garden 2017. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening

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    • Thanks Derrick! I am really proud of what we have achieved in the 2 years we have lived in the old house. Thank you for stopping by. X

  • Only 2 years …. wow! Really such wonderful results – all brilliant and I can’t pick a favourite. You should prune your apple tree. And it is a definite winter job – to be done while he is sleeping and before the sap starts to run. There is loads of helpful advice on YouTube so I’m sure you will find what you are looking for. Bon degustation of the apple sauce …. it’s so much more delicious off one’s own trees xx

    • Yes it’s totally yummy and I enjoy it on my porridge every morning. Yes I must prune it soon I think, perhaps in the next few weeks. Xx

      • Perhaps when the high winds abate … don’t want you blowing into the next county on a branch!! xx

        • Honestly, I also got knocked over walking le chien earlier….and you can imagine petit Dottie in this weather!

  • You have so much to be proud of w/the work you’ve done, & in only 2 years. I loved each photo better than the one before – the roses, the border, what a great find in the bird bath! But ending w/the acer, yes, I agree. Great photos. An inspiration for any of us taking over a neglected garden. Look forward to seeing what happens there next year!

    • Oh thank you Lora! It may be a little quieter on the garden front in 2018 as we hope to gain planning for the old house. We shall see. Best wishes for 2018.

  • You have a wonderful garden! Congratulations and in just 2 years … I love your old bird bath … (a dream to have one bigger than mine). You seem to know how to use space, materials such as gravels, pavers and stones to give a beautiful effect to your garden. To rejuvenate your old apple tree, it will take time (3-4 years): Remove the old branches here or there but not all at once or you will not have fruits for several years. You have to give light to the center of the tree and for other tips, message me by twitter.

    • Thank you Fred! Great advice….I am not a professional gardener and I don’t want to do it damage. I will tweet you-thanks.

  • Such a lovely idea. And you definitely need to be proud of the rose garden. Absolutely stunning.
    I would prune that apple tree. Just take off deadwood, come back to it the next day and remove a very few of the worst rubbing branches.

    • Thank you for your advice, chicu. I don’t want to kill it off! I will start with the worst rubbing branches for sure.x

    • Thank you! That is so kind. It’s a labour of love….xx

  • I enjoyed your garden review. Mine wouldn’t be nearly as glorious. I’m just glad the wicked wisteria didn’t swallow us up.

    • The wicked wisteria? You don’t like wisteria then? 😁

      • It hates me. It came with the house and has tried to take over everything. I loved wisteria from a distance, until I was in charge of containing this one. It finally bloomed this year. Did it stop with being pretty? No! It produced tons of seed pods that I was afraid to take to the dump for fear they would conquer the county. It is subversive, sending nasty shoots underground to invade the house and the horse pasture. We are at war!

        • Oh no, that sounds awful! I have a small one actually that is old nd I have tended it nd it is now growing through the neighbours hedge. 😳 perhaps I should get rid of it now whilst I still have the chance!

    • Ooh I will take a look…thanks John!
      I keep him busy!😉😁

    • Thank you! Made a start today and pruned the apple tree….x

  • Great roundup 😀 so much achieved in a short space of time! And it all looks so beautiful

    • Thank you Thomas! We have worked hard. X

      • Yes it looks like it 👍if you need any advice on apple tree pruning, feel free to ask away

        • We actually pruned the tree yesterday. Took out some of the branches rubbing against others to get more air to the centre. We didn’t go mad but it looks better already. I hope that’s right….we shall see. Also strimmed and mowed the old meadow area ready to hopefully, dig out the new pond. Back to school tomorrow kind of gets in the way of our plans! X

  • Your garden looks like a little piece of heaven. I remember reading many of your posts on the elements you’ve featured here and I’m always so impressed. I might try to create a plant stand this year too. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

    • Oh you must! They add such colour and joy to any small patio. X

  • Happy New Year Sophie and family! Your garden looks so lovely and you have achieved so much! It’s always so satisfying seeing it all come to fruition. Happy dreaming through the Winter and I look forward to seeing your garden in the Spring, when we will be heading towards our Winter!

    • Do! It a lovely community. Also I have a Linky called #MyGloriousGardens that I will start up again in March if you fancy it. X

  • Your garden is just beautiful! You can see a lot of work has gone into it….
    I love the plant stand. So simple but so eye catching x #bloggersbest

  • Ah it’s beautiful. You have worked hard. My hubby is the gardener in this family and he is always proud of his borders. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

    • Ah thanks Sarah. We both love our garden! X

  • It is amazing what you have achieved and the rose garden is beautiful. I wonder what you have planned for 2018… #dreamteam

    • Ooh there is a post about my plans….hop back over here…..! X

  • I bet your rose garden will look amazing this year – I bet you can’t wait! Currently perusing the new David Austin catalogue this end! #bloggersbest

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