5 reasons why I’m happy to be my teenagers taxi driver.

What did you do on New Years Eve?
Go to a party?
Drink with your friends?
Perhaps you spent time with family?

Well, I was a taxi driver for my teenagers and I’m very happy with that. I ended up taking my son and his girlfriend to a party miles and miles away first. Then I popped home for tea with my lovely Hubbie. After that, I took my daughter to another party miles away in the opposite direction (that’s Country living for you!) 
I then returned home to have a cuppa with my Hubble whilst checking on my mum who was feeling poorly. Once I knew she was ok, I had a glass of bubbly to welcome in the New Year. Just one though as I knew I may have to go out and collect teenagers if things didn’t go to plan! I waited to hear that my son had got his friends safely and lastly, I waited up for my daughter to get home safely as she was getting a lift and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. 
It sounds like a lot of effort but I don’t mind being a taxi driver to my teenagers and here are my reasons why:
1. The party my son went to was at a friend of his girlfriend. I have no idea who that is or what she is like. By being the taxi driver, at least I know where he is and I can check out the parents when I drop him off. He is 15. I want to allow him to go to parties but I need to know where he is.
2. I can check that they are going where they say they are going! Well, at least At the start of the evening! Teenagers are very sneaky and although I trust my children, I don’t trust the teenager in them! I have caught them out a few times. That’s not to say I don’t give them some freedom. It’s important that teenagers do their own thing to develop independence. My teenagers have both caught buses and trains from about age 12. We live in the country so this is vital at times.
3. I also have fabulous chats in my car with my teenagers. From when they were tweens, we have talked about all sorts in the car! Puberty, sex, relationships, drugs…you name it. They can’t escape you see! I like this time with them. They are usually not plugged into their phones, they can’t physically get away to their rooms and we listen and sing along to 80’s tunes. I think they secretly quite like it too. It’s changing though as my daughter has recently got her drivers license.

4. Taking my children to weekend sport matches has been a constant in my life for over 12 years. Yes, 12 years! My daughter played her last hockey match in December and we went, standing in the rain under the huge golfing umbrella that has accompanied us to many a match. I can’t say I have been to every single game but we have made most of them. My son has a few years to go yet so I will continue to taxi him to far flung sports grounds with my massive, warm coat and comfy boots!
5. Being a taxi driver for my children has been a chore but also a pleasure. I can feel that it is changing as my daughter is driving. It makes me a little sad! So when you have to taxi your children about again to a party, trip or match, think of it as a stage in your life that will one day, be over.
I have a few years of waiting outside other teenagers houses or pubs I expect but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a parent to these two has been challenging at times but always a pleasure and I am happy to taxi them about for a bit yet. Then I may get myself a sports car…..well I can dream can’t I?!


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  • You are so right Sophie! I enjoy being Sonnys taxi for the time i get to spend with him on the way there and back! Special times xx

    • Yes and it won’t be long Liz when we will miss it. Xx happy travels, xx

  • Driving my children was a long time ago. We are in a new stage now. Our older grandson drives me if we are going somewhere together. That sounds more cozy than it is. Most of the year he is at university 800 miles away. It was refreshing to read about your views.

  • There’s something about that in-the-car time that enables conversations that may not happen otherwise. In the car we are captive to the conversation but eye-contact is not required so we are able to open up a little more. Sometimes the conversations that occur in the car, stay in the car. It’s like a secret room for revealing one’s innermost thoughts. Driving children, and teenagers, around is great for the other reasons you describe too. Enjoy the changes as they occur. The sports car can wait!

  • I nodded my way through your list …. I actually enjoyed driving them around which, with four of them and an 8 year span accounts for a large chunk of my life. Those captive times were the absolute best for getting to the nub of problems or understanding the dreams and wishes of that moment in their rapidly changing lives, I was always a stickler for knowing where they were and with whom and assuming that they would tell the truth was really not advisable (!) and I relished being needed. I still do xx

  • My father still insists on picking me up and dropping me when I visit them — like right about now — and as they are going to do this evening. Only parents can be so patient and lovely. I like your reasons for driving your daughter and son around especially the inclusion of the point on bonding time. Lastly, happy new year! 🙂

    • Happy new year back at ya….I’m off to your site to read about all your super travels!
      Dads are the best aren’t they? Enjoy those precious moments. X

  • Hi Sophie, this sounds so familiar, but we are lucky in the respect that we tend to take my daughter and her friend out and the other girls parents bring them home, which because of the culture here tends to be gone midnight. My daughter turns 18 next week and will be old enough to learn to drive (yay!), which is something that is vital here really. I won’t miss playing taxi, but I will miss our chats in the car.

    • Oh our daughters are similar ages then? Cool. Good. Luck with the driving….it’s a nail biting ride! Haha 😍

  • You’ve made some really good points here. My eldest is only 6 so I’ve got all this agead of me but already car joineys are a time when we can talk x #Satsesh

  • We were talking about this the other day. Me and hubby. We have a two yr old Ha so along way to go. But we have moved to a remote village and I said I’d prefer to drive her around. Knowing that she gets there safe and comes home safe. No matter what time. I would only lay awake till she came home. I now look back and think what I put my dad through. Coming home late etc as we lived in a town. He said to me when she was born haha pay back you will see. Eeeeeeek now I do. I would do anything for her and I worry now about the future as the world we now live in is getting worse every year. So I would be glad to be her taxi till she’s married hahaha. X #satsesh

    • Ah so true. Thank you for your kind comment. Hope you are enjoying the country….it has so many benefits. Xx

  • I’m with you. When my son got his driving license it was one of the biggest moments of change in my mummy roles and i missed it. Not having the car chats, not meeting up with some of his friends, mostly not having the reasurrance of knowing where he was and when he’d be back. I’m used to it now though…. and we still talk loads, largely beause of social media x

    • Oh it is a change isn’t it? It’s a bit New at the moment for me but I’m trying to not get too stressed about it. Thanks for commenting. X

  • I plan to be the mum that ‘taxis’ when our little ones are older, as you say, they need freedom but you need to know where they are. Also, I want them to feel they can call me if plans change and not worry that it will be an inconvenience to me or I will be annoyed etc. The part about the chats in the car, having that undistracted time together is so important, I used to love journeys with my dad as a child as he would let me play my cassettes and ask about the music I liked, which really meant a lot. I love this post Sophie. #thesatsesh

    • Ah thank you, Karen. That is really kind of you. x

  • Oh gosh this will be happening for me soon, but I agree I think being their Taxi Driver is so important and gives us a clearer indication of what they are up to. Good luck with your daughter driving, such a big step #thesatsesh

  • This is spot on and I am thinking similarly. Being in the car together is great for chats and keeping an eye on where they are going, who they are with… I do remember getting dropped off in one place and going somewhere else as a teen but like you say at least you know where they start their eve! #thesatsesh xx

    • Haha that’s true! Thank you for your comment; always a pleasure. xx

  • aw I love this. I like the idea of the chats in the car. I think it’s so important to keep the conversation going. I hope you don’t miss your daughter too much when she drives alone. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  • #thesatsesh Car talk is the best for opening up, as neither of you have to look directly at each other, its non confrontational and best of all – they can’t run away 🙂
    I totally agree, I also live in a village and will do the same…plus i love the secret snoopy aspect haha….however, I grew up in London and my Dad was my driver OR he paid his black cab friend to come and get me (when he couldn’t) with hindsight I now realise he reported back to Dad every detail, clever Daddy.

    • Clever Daddy indeed! They are though, aren’t they? Thanks for the lovely comment. X

  • Totally agree with you, car time is special, I spend it with my grandchildren when I am taking them places. Totally agree on knowing they are going where they say they were going. No you don’t sleep till after they are in

    • Thank you Elaine for your lovely comment. x

  • glad you enjoy your mum taxi duties, it’s the only time/place i ever had for one to one time with any of our 5 kids, i did all the driving when they were younger and a part of me does miss it, but not the sitting in a car park while they were at footabll training in the middle of winter as I didn’t have enough time to drive home and back #tweenteensbeyond

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean although I tend to use this time to catch up with blogging!

  • I complete understand why you like to ferry your kids. I like to do the same as well. Good time to chat and know what is happening in their lives. And a good way to snoop without being overty nosey. 🙂

  • One daughter driving is a bonus. Hopefully, the lifts will be reciprocated in future years! I agree with your stance on knowing where they are going and making sure that is where they are going. We have this to come, albeit I’m sure it is an extension of what we already do. More unsociable hours going forward though! And yes to the car discussions. Always in the car! Thanks for joining #tweensteensbeyond

  • A very important part of being a teen’s parent and one that is not so often blogged about. I loved this post and can agree with it all. Teen parties are always a worry and even if another parent is doing the lifts and they are staying with friends they always have to text me to tell me when they are home! Thanks so much for sharing your great post at #TweensTeensBeyond xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I think posts about
      parenting teens is generally not shared as much as with younger children . I’m glad you liked it. X

  • Although my youngest is out of her teens, and has been driving for seemingly ages, there are still times when Mum and Dad’s taxi is the best thing – 3am when clubs close (despite the disrupted night, it’s better than her hanging around for a taxi), or dropping off/picking up at the railway station – and still often the best times to hear her news and gossip 🙂 #tweensteensbeyond

  • Sophie I am reading this whilst arguing with my husband about who is going to pick up our daughter! Ferrying our children around consumes so much time as a parent. Living in London we have actually set up Uber accounts for them so that they can be mildly independent during those times we cannot or rather don’t want to pick them up! You are right though the chats in the back of the car are priceless! Thanks for linking.#TweensTeensBeyond

    • Hahaha Jo! Me too! I won and am at home with the wine! Teehee. Yes, mine set up their own Uber accounts (!) but I still like (mostly) to pick them up where I can. House parties are the bane of my life at the moment….

  • I 100% agree with all of that. I will happily play Dad’s Taxi for as long as I can. It’s also a great excuse to have my own little car disco 🙂 #TriumphantTales

    • Oh car disco! Love it although it’s car rave in my car most times! Stormzeeeeee 😜

  • This is the first year my daughter is driving. So, she drives herself and my son to school and home. I really miss being the taxi. I loved meeting the friends and driving them around too hearing their conversations, knowing what was going on in their world. Next year when my daughter goes off to college, I’ll have one year of taxi driving again with my son. It feels weird to say that I look forward to it! #TriumphantTales

    • That’s exactly like me, Becki! My daughter has begun to drive her brother in but keaves school in the summer so it will be back to me. I miss it at the moment! Take care. X

  • What a lovely post! It’s great to read about life with children older than mine so that I can understand what happens next. Those are such good reasons. #triumphanttales

    • Thank you Annabelle. That’s very kind. 😍

  • Hubby’s parents are very close to their two kids and even when we started dating at 23, if we were going back to his after a night out, his dad would always play taxi and his mum popped along too. It was lovely to chat with them about our night, their night and just talk. It never felt like they were untrusting, it always showed that they’re interested in their childrens lives and genuinely wanted to know about their night out!
    Definitely something we’ll be looking to do once our three get older!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  • Thanks for sharing this, I am in the same stage of life as you with a 17 year old, 16 year old and 13 year old. i feel like ferrying them around is all I ever do and I do moan about it sometimes. BUT I agree with every point you have made and as my eldest will be learning to drive soon, number 5 was a reminder that it’s a phase that will soon be over and then I will miss those one to one chats. As they get older, there is less and less we can do for them isn’t there?

    • No Suzanne I think we are there, in their heads as little reminders when they are about to something stupid! Well hopefully anyway. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I’m glad to be helpful.

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