The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Extensions

Are you looking to add a home extension to your property? Perhaps its to add value to your home or create extra living space for you and your family. Whatever the reason, you do need to take care. We plan to renovate and extend the old house this year so we have been carefully considering our options. There are some important do’s and don’ts that you need to consider before you get beyond the planning stages. We have some of them right here, so read them and heed them before work begins.

Do hire a decent building firm:

There are loads of building companies, but not all of them are reputable. You can do a quick Google Search and seek online reviews of the firms near you. Check for testimonials too, such as those displayed by Reddish joinery Knowing there are people willing to back up a particular company will give you peace of mind. We have chosen our building firm for the work on the old house so I will be blogging about that once we get started.

Don’t go for the lowest quote:

Sometimes you get what you pay for. You can’t always guarantee the builder will use the best tools or methods to get the work done if they offer you a low price. Compare prices by all means, but don’t be swayed by the lowest quote. Again, check reviews and ask for references before you hire somebody.

Do consider adding value: 

You may be happy in your home now, but that doesn’t mean you will live there forever. There are renovations that will up the value of your property and some that won’t. There’s a helpful guide here  for what you should and shouldn’t consider. If you never intend to move, then fine, add what you want. Otherwise, be mindful of those aspects that will put off future home buyers. We plan to add a kitchen extension and revamp the bathroom extension and think these always add value to any home.

Don’t spend beyond your means:

You may have some wonderful ideas for your home, but you also need to be practical. It’s important you know your budget, factoring in a contingency fund for any extra work that may need to be done after the project has started. You don’t want to get into the worst-case scenario, where work has started, but you run out of money half-way through the project. You may have nowhere to live! Use this home extension coast calculator to give you an idea of the expense involved. I keep getting carried away on Pinterest with my ideas for the old house and some are rather expensive! Do take a look at my boards if you want some ideas.

Do get planning permission: 

In most cases, you will be permitted to carry out the home extension. However, you may be limited in the work you can do to your property, perhaps because of the infringement on your neighbours or because you live in a conservation area. Always check with your council and they will advise you on the way forward. The old house is a listed building so we have put in for listed planning consent.

Don’t rely on your DIY skills: 

You may be able to carry out some of the work yourself, and your skills with a hammer and nail may be second-to-none. Still, you probably can’t do everything. You have plumbing and electrical wiring to consider for starters, so for the safety of yourself and the house, bring in the professionals for jobs you can’t possibly manage. Yes, you will be trying to cut down on some of the expenses by carrying out work yourself, but there are people better qualified than you probably are.

Final thoughts

Follow our tips above, and seek further advice from professional agencies who will be able to steer you in the right direction as you begin to consider your future plans. We wish you every success with your home extension and will keep you up-to-date with the old house plans in 2018!
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  • I’ve just finished renovating my 1950s house in the Cotswolds and it was the most stressful time of my life! I dread to think how much more stressful it could’ve been had we not planned ours out like you did #KCACOLS

  • These are great tips, I think you get what you pay for with these things. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  • I have found that the people you hire is critical to wether you have a great remodel or a stressful nightmare that lasts forever! Great tips! #GlobalBlogging

  • This certainly is good advice. We’ve got ideas for our home so was drawn to your post. Good luck in making your house a home. #globalblogging

    • Ah thank you! I will be sharing details when we get there! Hope your plans go well. X

  • Yes planning permission! Even if it’s not a bit add-on you need to check you can do it first and so many people don’t. #kcacols

  • Great tips! I agree 100% with this one “Don’t rely on your DIY skills:” My husband is the one that would like to do all by himself so we can reduce the costs and so many times I have told him that this is not the best way to reduce costs as things can go wrong and then you have to hire someone to fix the problem. Thank you for sharing these tips with us! #kcacols

  • I would love to get an extension, will keep these tips in mind for the future 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS

  • The presence of a professional is indeed a must. There’s too much risk if we try to do it all on our own. Great tips you have there 🙂

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