A Daughter’s a Daughter for life

When you become a mother to a baby girl, your life changes. It’s not that being a mother to a boy means that you aren’t going to experience a huge change, but having a daughter is an experience like no other. The mother/daughter bond is one that, when nurtured the right way, is unbreakable. Your daughter is going to grow up and be a reflection of you  and if you get it right when she is little, you are going to end up with a best friend. It’s common knowledge that mothers and daughters have difficulties in their relationship when that beautiful little girl becomes a beautifully opinionated teenager.

Two hens in one nest is never an easy thing to deal with, but that does change over time. One day you’ll stand watching your daughter be defiant and test her limits, and the next she will be in your arms declaring you to be a grandmother. It’s a bond that is solid, unyielding and like gold when she becomes an adult.

Securing a good bond with your daughter has to be a priority. Her self-esteem is going to rely on your treatment of her. Women with strong and understanding mothers who want to raise them with compromise, conviction and love are going to be women who have secure relationships and even better emotional health. Women who are raised in a critical and judgemental way are those who struggle to find their feet emotionally with all relationships in their lives. It’s up to you to manage your relationship with your daughter. Bonding with her when she is young – from making friendship bracelets together to building a beautiful dolls house with her – is going to set the tone for your relationship as she grows. She is going to butt heads with you one day, test her limits and go against your advice. As long as you keep consistently supportive and loving with her no matter what she does, you are going to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with her.

Raising your daughter with a mutual love and respect means that no matter what happens, she will find her way to your arms and to your heart. Every mother in the world wants a cemented relationship with their children, but many don’t realise how important it is to work on that relationship from childhood. Setting aside dedicated time to spend with your little girl routinely isn’t just going to set her up to feel secure with how much you are there for her. It’s going to make you feel like you are doing something beyond as a mother, giving you a confidence boost in your abilities. A daughter will never leave your side and will always come flocking back to you as long as she knows you will be there with open arms and love. If you treat the relationship that you have with your daughter with the respect that it deserves, you will find yourself feeling whole – exactly as a mother should.
I have written some life lessons for my daughter here that you may enjoy reading.
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  • This post touched me deeply. I am, as you know, a mother of four girls and I think there is no question that the most important thing I have ever or will ever done in my life is to raise them to womanhood. Every single word of what you say is true – invest in the woman you want to see your daughter grow into. The investment is quite simple. It is your time, your love, your effort. And yes, they all sprouted horns as they hit their teens but the horns retracted into their strong heads and they quit the rutting of their own accord. Thank you for this. Just thank you.

    • Ah Osyth…..I’m glad you enjoyed this post lovely. It is time and love, you are right. That’s what we need to give our children. In this day of the Internet, I’m worried (as you know0 that our children are not getting as much time as they once did. Thank you for your lovely comment, as ever. My gorgeous blogging friend. Xx

      • I share your concern. We live in an age of instant gratification, when technology spews out a solution to everything. But it can’t give human time. And that is the most important gift of all. At all ages, but so much so when our children are budding before our eyes. And love, I wonder if love isn’t being eroded by the frantic pace of everything. That it too is being sidelined by instant gratification. But with beacons like you, there is so much hope. And I hope that as our daughters reach the age when they start their own families that they will revert to the old values. And when we are grannies, perhaps we can guide a little too …. xx

        • Yes and Amen to that. Xx lovely response. Xx

  • I only have one daughter but we are good friends, you are so right, nurture the relationship from a young age ind it comes good. I have 5 boys and my relationship is very different with them, still close but a different kind of close. #dreamteam

    • Yes, the relationship we have with our girls and boys is different. I will write a post about our sons soon….thank you for such a lovely comment. Xx

  • I couldn’t agree with you more – relationships on all levels requires work and if we want a solid and healthy relationship with our children we need to make time for them. I have two daughters, no sons and although their relationship with their father is strong which is normally the case with dad’s and their girls. My relationship with my girls are different. We do mother-daughter things together and I encourage that. Communication is key and they will talk to me about certain things that they won’t share with my husband. It is so true what you say – a daughter is a daughter for life and I see that with my relationship with my parents. Even though I’m married and have my own family – my relationship with my parents is still solid. Thanks for sharing.#StayClassyMama

    • What a lovely comment, Noleen. I have a son and a daughter and you are right, daughters and their daddies definitely have a different relationship. Thank you. x

  • Just shared the post on twitter, noticed you don’t have your handle in it. Worth adding it so you can see when people tweet it #stayclassymama

    • It should have….. I’ll check. Thanks

  • I love having a daughter, we definitely have that mother/daughter bond that you mention and I look forward to having a friend for life. Though not particularly looking forward to the teenage years!! #SharingtheBlogLove

  • What a lovely and beautifully written post! I am smiling thinking of my little women and our bond. Lovely! #dreamteam xoxo

  • This is so lovely and I couldn’t agree more. There’s something so special about the bond between a mother and daughter. Ours is already so strong that poor daddy is often completely sidelined for days at a time. Opps!! Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam. I always look forward to reading your posts xxx

    • Thank you Annette. You wait though….teenage daughters and their daddy have a special bond too. X

  • I think it’s so important to think about the relationship you would like with your child when they are an adult and work to build that as they grow. I’m definitely close to my Mum still – there’s no-one I’d rather go shopping with! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • There really is something really special between mother and daughter. I sure feel that with my daughter and I hope it will grow stronger. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama

  • This post melted my heart. My eldest daughter is going through some really difficult times at the moment and I feel like I am floundering – I am doing everything I can to shower her with love and I hope that I can slowly start to build up her self-confidence again. I feel so blessed to be a mummy to two daughters and I hope that we will always be as close as we are right now. #blogcrush

    • Ah Lucy! What a lovely comment! I love the relationship I have with my daughter. xx

  • I have 2 daughters and I really hope that they grow up to see me as their best friend. I’m close to my mum and it’s what I hope and dream for with my girls. I work hard to put the foundations down now, hoping we can ride out the teen years. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • This has been a lovely read! My daughter and I are best friends. She’s getting married in a few months and we are having fun planning that. She’s an amazing person and I’m so blessed to have her with me through life x

    • Hopefully we can find a happy medium. X

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