Putting Your Gardening Skills to Profitable Use.

A lot of people nowadays like to devote their time to gardening. If you don’t work outside, it’s a great use of your time, as it gets you outside to soak up the sun, and you learn a lot of new, practical skills in the process. It can also be quite a therapeutic hobby, and it can bring in a lot of food when you do it properly! Because of all this, it’s also an amazing business venture to go down, if you think you have the ability to craft a whole corporate persona out of it! Here’s some helpful tips for setting up a gardening business in your spare time, and how the online world can make even more out of it.

Be Helpful with an Advice Site

A lot of people can’t identify their trees or flowers, and almost everyone still holds onto the misconception that you should only ever plant in the summer.  However, this is where you can step in like a herald of wisdom! The simile may have been a bit corny, but when you have regular posts and articles churned out offering the specific advice people need to run a garden, you’re going to be regarded as an expert in your area. I follow lots of gardening blogs and I particularly enjoy posts by Thomas over at his blog. Thomas is a professional gardener so always gives advice you can trust. You don’t have to charge anyone for their use of such a website, but you can offer out cuttings for a pound or a few pence for people wishing to grow the plants they went in search for. It can be a lot easier for someone to make their desired gardening plans a reality when they’re got everything they need right in front of them! This is why your business can become extremely popular among the niche in the market.

Grow Plants or Vegetables and Sell Them Off

If you’ve spent a long time cultivating your own garden, there’s a big chance you’ve got a few surplus plants or vegetable. You can hand them over to the neighbours and join plenty of boot sales  but you could also form a great online business out of it as well. You can reach more people online no matter what venture you choose, so be sure to take your efforts to the front page. You can find a courier that’s plant life friendly quite easily when you have the right tools, and then sell off everything you’ve hand grown in a perfect condition. Write ‘open immediately’ on the package and your customers are guaranteed to leave good reviews for all the time, money, and effort you’ve saved them!

Sell garden memorabilia or vintage items. 

I know that Darren Lakin over on Twitter, sells some lovely garden signs that he makes himself. They are really nice and I bought some as Christmas presents last year. You can find out more here.

Open Your Garden through the National Garden Scheme

There are so many lovely gardens in the U.K. and you can visit many of them through the National Garden Scheme. All are cared for by garden enthusiasts and are private gardens so it’s a great way to have a nose around and see what other gardeners are doing. Most raise money for charities by asking a small entrance fee or by selling produce or light refreshments. You can find out more here.
Not every hobby has to become profitable, but if you’re looking for a bit of money on the side, put some confidence into your own abilities. It doesn’t have to be stressful, and people are always interested in high quality products. Your gardening skills deserve a bit of recognition, and even if you would like to keep them as just a hobby, you can use social media to let your friends and family know how well you’re doing! As a hobby gardener I have picked up lots of new skills and try to include these in blog posts that may be of interest to you. Here are my favourites:
Making household compost
Creating a Family Friendly Garden
Creating a Rose Garden
Improving your soil with common kitchen ingredients
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  • Spare time?! I am a career horticulturist. I don’t have spare time for a gardening business! Oh, wait. . . . Anyway, we did open the farm up a many years ago, and it was great. We will get back to doing it again. We do not sell flowers because the season is so limited, and the flowers are so perishable. However, we may eventually allow others to harvest flowers on their own terms.

    • HahaTony. Yes, well I feel the same way at the moment…teaching, blogging, family….I haven’t set foot in the garden in 3 days….roll on summer and longer days! It’s dark here still at 4pm.

  • All lovely ideas if you are so inclined. I’m far too chaotic, it would fall apart as I got distracted by another sparkly thing on the horizon x

  • I love the idea of a National Garden scheme. Must be lovely for those who haven’t go one or the time to maintain, so can visit others. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest

  • I think any National Gardening scheme would laugh at my garden, I dream of having a beautiful one and only read your post to see yours, I love the pics I’ve seen of your garden and home in previous posts! 🙂 … #coolmumsclub

    • Ah that’s so kind! It is beautiful. I feel very blessed. X

  • If I ever manage to get to the point where the slugs don’t annihilate all the veg I would love to start selling them off – here’s hoping for the forthcoming gardening year! Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub lvoely xoxo

    • Oh the pesky slugs! I battle those too and rabbits!!

  • I honestly had no idea there were so many ways you could make money from your garden! I don’t think anyone would be in a hurry to visit our garden though, we’ve not mowed it since we moved in and we’ve been here over 4 months!xx #bloggersbest

    • Oh haha! But just think of how lovely it could be in the summer. Thanks Wendy.x

  • Almost all my (limited) gardening knowledge is picked up via Google or You Tube – I’m having a go at growing gladioli on the allotment this year! #bloggersbest

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