The Things Every Garden Should Have

You might be more concerned about getting cosy up on the couch in front of a roaring fire than you are about your garden right now, but it won’t be very long until spring shows up and being outdoors is more of an inviting idea once again. When that time comes, you want your garden to be ready for action, right?

That’s why now is the perfect time to ensure that your garden is equipped with the following essentials:

What’s a garden without furniture? Nothing right, So, if you don’t currently have any, or if the furniture you currently have is not exactly as comfy as it once was, and especially if it’s started rusting or rotting, check out Garden Furniture & Interiors  and invest in some more. As a minimum, you should aim to have a table and chairs and a parasol to keep you and your family comfy and cool when the weather is ripe for long days lounging in the garden!

A Shed

A shed is an invaluable addition to any garden because, not only can it be used to safely contain your essential gardening tools, but it is also useful for pottering around in, sewing seeds, and fixing things when spring comes around, and it’s time to work on the garden. If you don’t already have a shed, now is the perfect time to find one. In fact, the old house garden has 2 sheds!

A Compost Bin
If you don’t have your own compost bin, then you’re really missing a trick because it’s a great way to get rid of that annoying food waste, and a free way to feed your garden so that it looks more beautiful than ever. Start now, and it won’t take as long as you think to build up some amazing compost.

A Water Feature

The bird bath in the old house garden

Okay, so you might not think a water feature is an essential element of the garden, and I suppose it technically isn’t but if you want your garden to be as relaxing as it can possibly be, then having some running water around is a pretty good way to achieve that aim. It also gives the birds somewhere to drink and bathe too, which brings us to…

Bird Feeders

One of the simplest pleasures in life is sitting out in the garden watching our feathered friends of about their day and the best way to encourage activity of the winged kind in the garden is by hanging bird feeders around the perimeter. Feed them regularly though as they will begin to rely on your offerings.

A Water Butt

Rain Barrel
A rain barrel set up to catch rain

Image source

It’s sensible to have at least one water-butt, like the ones at Wickes in the garden because it helps to deal with excess runoff from roofs and gutters and you can, of course, use the water to keep your plants and flowers healthy. If you have a pond, you can also use the water from the butt to top that up when it starts to run a little dry. Wildlife like toads and newts love them too if you’re trying to create a wildlife friendly garden
Do you have these things in your garden? If not, it might be time to change that!

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