Old House: Modern-ish Kitchen

Living in an old house is one of the biggest blessings we have ever had. It’s the foundation of so many other parts of our lives that we love. But as wonderful as it is most of the time, there is one slight niggle we have to live with on a daily basis, and that is living with an old kitchen.
Old house are lovely, old kitchens are not. Sure, they look nice, but so do modern ones and, what’s more, they’re practical too. The good news for those nodding their heads to what I’ve just described is, you don’t need to throw a whole wad of cash at your kitchen to give it a truly stunning facelift, as you’re about to find out.

My tiles are old but I could easily just replace these for a new look. Tea anyone?

1. Mix those textures

The simplest way to make an old kitchen look a little bit more contemporary – without sacrificing any of its charm – is to mix the materials and textures in your kitchen. If you have a nice steel stove, then try painting the cupboards around it a nice cream colour, add a Persian rug to the floor and then sand down the units that make up your island so that you expose the wood. It will look magical. You could also simply replace the tiles or splash back for a new look.

2. Upgrade the hob

Upgrading an entire stove unit can be a pretty costly upgrade, but just upgrading the hob unit can be a stroke of genius, especially if you go with an induction hob. Of course, once you’ve done this, we recommend you read this article and see what the best induction cookware sets are. Whatever you decide, though, you’ll find your cooking space becomes so much more usable. It’ll be the best kind of revolutionary, that’s a promise.

3. Spruce up your appliances.

One of the simplest ways to modernise your older kitchen is to go out and upgrade your appliciances. You can do this with all of them or just some depending on what your budget it. Start with a new toaster, a new kettle, maybe a new microwave and a blender and, if you want to go further, then go further. You’ll be amazed at how modernised a kitchen can look from just having modern appliances on the countertops.

4. Light it up.

Another simple way to add a splash of the contemporary to your kitchen is to look at your lighting. It could be that you swap your old light fixtures for something a little more wow, like pendant lamps made out of milk glasses, or you could decide to pop a shiny chandelier above your island or even just redirect your spotlights so that they illuminate that piece of art you couldn’t help but buy. The result will be incredible; a new layer of elegance.

5. Shake up the furniture.
Another fantastic way to change up your old kitchen is to reassess the way you furnish it, in which the options are endless. Try hanging a chair from the ceiling in one of the corners, pop two Windsor stools next to your island and then slip a brightly coloured rug beneath them or even add a wing-backed sofa to your kitchen table to create a more secluded place to eat.

So there we have it! I love the old house but not it’s old kitchen. There are lots of ways you can revamp an old kitchen. Luckily, we have planning for a large kitchen extension. I’ll keep you posted on our progress! The plans are being drawn up at the moment but I’m already all over Pinterest collecting ideas!

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