How Can I Protect My Garden In Stormy Weather?

My garden is looking a little battered! After all the rain and windy weather we have been experiencing in Wiltshire over the past week, I’m surprised that no trees have come down. Sometimes the weather goes a little overboard and gives us a mad storm to deal with, and when this happens, our gardens may get hurt due to heavy showers and strong winds, which can leave us with a mighty mess on our hands.
In order to avoid this from happening, here are some of the best tips that you can put to action to keep your garden a protected one.

Before the Storm

Support the Taller Plants
The taller your plants are, the more they are at risk of getting damaged when harsh winds blow. As you can imagine, they may just snap, so it’s a smart idea to support them any way you can. If you have a strong piece of wood or metal, push it into the ground and gently tie a piece of string around that and the plant to keep it in place.
Get rid of Broken Limbs
Before the rain starts pouring down, try to remove any dead or broken limbs off your plants and trees to make them as streamlined as possible. This will reduce the chances of the healthy parts snapping or getting tangled amongst others.
Check your Drains.
You don’t want anything blocking your drains when a storm is due because water will have nowhere to run down, meaning it’ll just flood instead and cause things to drown. You can pick out anything big enough to get your hands on, but you may require a professional to come and sort out your blocked drains if things aren’t budging. Cover the delicate
If you have any plants in your garden that are relatively young, tender and fragile, then try and cover them to keep the heavy rain from hitting them. Tarpaulin is great for this, just make sure you position it so it’s slanted in the right direction so that the rainwater runs down it and away from the plants and other foliage that surrounds that area.

After the Storm

Mix Up The Compost
If you have your own  compost bin mix all the wet leaves with everything else that is in the bin. This will ensure that all the rich nutrients are spread evenly amongst everything. The moisture will also help to move the process along.
Check Your Plants
You will want to make sure that there are no roots that have ended up being exposed due to any soil being washed away by the storm, as this will stop your plants from growing. Any plants that have been uprooted, gently cover them back up again with soil or compost and hope that they will survive; many will if you are quick.
Keep away the slugs and snails
Because of everywhere being so wet now but it’s turned a little milder, you are bound to have a visit from the slugs and snails as conditions like this are ideal for them. Do as much as you can to keep them away  from your plants otherwise; they will attack.
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  • I’m terrible at caring for a garden… which is probably why all we have here is grass. 🙈
    My dad though, loved caring for his garden (he even grew veggies in a little part of it). I’m sure he’d have appreciated these tips. x #globalblogging

  • I do not have a green thumb. I’m always amazed at how people are able to make their gardens look like an Eden paradise! Thanks for sharing #globalblogging

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