6 on Saturday: Jobs in January.

I shared my garden plans in 2018 with you all at New Year and we have started with a few jobs that we could fit in around full-time jobs and family commitments. I thought I would share some of the things we have been up to in this 6 on Saturday post. If you are unsure what that is, you can read about this over at The Propagator Blog.

I’m in bed this Saturday morning enjoying a coffee so these photos were taken throughout January. I didn’t get to the post before Saturday was over so I thought I would share with you today instead.

1. Pruning the Apple Tree


Thank you for advice from fellow gardeners on how to prune the apple tree. It is looking more open now so hopefully will continue to grow happily.

2. Clearing the meadow area.

All of the leaves and green material was added to the compost.

3. Removing the little house.

This little house was here when we moved in. The cats were the only ones to use it.
This deck will have to go too as it’s rotten but for now, it’s a great place to store the chairs!

4. Bulbs

I put over 50 bulbs in here in layers so am excited to see if I got my flowering times correct!

5. Tree Peony

I love the red of the peony buds. With all this cold weather I’m hoping for a glorious display in May.

6. Snowdrops

I took this Thursday morning just before leaving for work! Lovely snowdrops……

I hope you have enjoyed my 6 this Saturday. Happy weekend everyone! ❤️🦔🐶🌹🌸





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