Master the Art of The Children’s Party

Gone are the days of pass the parcel, musical statues and a few sandwiches. Kids parties can now be the most lavish of affairs with parents competing to see who can hold the most talked about birthday soiree for their offspring. While you may not be one for entering into such trivial matters, you can’t help but want your little ones to have the best party to celebrate another year on the planet. Read on to see how you can master the art of the kids party!

Ask your child

Don’t take over every aspect of your child’s party. Just because you know that vintage and retro is en vogue at the moment, the chances are that your ten-year-old son would rather have an Iron Man or Minecraft theme to his gathering. Talk to your child and ask what it is that he or she wants. They might want a particular particular theme or dress code. Perhaps they want to try something new like paintballing, or laser tag, or go-karting. An exceptional party should cater to the needs and wants of the birthday girl or boy.

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Get Outdoors

In the twenty-first century with social media taking over every aspect of life and with more technological gadgetry in your home than you can shake a stick at, it’s a good idea to venture outdoors for a party. You don’t want to be only inviting children over for them to huddle around a TV screen for a couple of hours. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool, erect some safety fencing from a firm like The Temporary Fencing Shop, clean the pool and whip on your bathing suit. There’s nothing better than a barbecue and a dip on a balmy day.

If swimming isn’t the activity of choice for your offspring, why not think about heading to the park for some games and a picnic or venturing down to the beach? With a dozen best mates in tow, your child will relish some quality time doing what he or she loves.


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The Nitty Gritty

It’s vital that you get the details right; think about the sort of cake the birthday boy or girl might like. When it comes to the catering are you going to go old school with a range of cold buffet party food and jelly and ice cream, or are you going to order in a couple of pizzas? Whatever it is that you choose, you’ll need to ensure that you cater to everyone coming over to your humble abode so think about dietary requirements and food allergies.

There’s been much talk about the humble doggy bag. Parents up and down the country have been competing to construct the perfect take-home package for party guests. Whereas once you could get away with a piece of cake, a balloon and a bouncy ball, you now have to think outside the box and offer up something a bit more spectacular such as gourmet treats, makeup and personalised gifts. Break the mould and concentrate on the experience of the party and don’t get too hung up on the party bag. Your little one should be the focus of the day.

Mastering the art of the kids party is no mean feat what with parental politics, school playground gossip and the competitive nature of the event. However, by ensuring that your child has the best time possible, you will inevitably end up hosting the perfect birthday party.

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