Modernising an Old Home to Keep it Yours.

The beauty of having an old house is that it is filled with history. Generations of your family or another have lived here before, and families will continue to live here well into the future. You can hear the creaks of the floorboards stepped on a million times before; you can smell the brick and coal that has stood and burned for hundreds of years. It is these factors that make it a home. It is cosy. It has character.
But everything needs updating at some point; our shower broke this morning! Utilities will fail, wear and tear will undoubtedly have an influence on the well-lived areas, and at some point what has laid there for years will just not cut it anymore. Modernising  your old home is essential to keep it standing and continuing to stand forever, and you don’t need to tear it down and start again to achieve this.

When your house was built, it typically had single glazed windows with wooden veneer, and then uPVC came about and replaced that. It was a necessary progression to bring your house up to date.
And now, you might want to consider looking towards the future. Investing and upgrading to triple glazing windows instead of single or double glazed will further keep your home nice and cosy and will also help you save money on energy bills in those cold winter months. Furthermore, it will make these windows sturdier and more robust, meaning that you needn’t worry about wear and tear for a long time to come. We have the original Georgian windows in the old house that are protected by it’s listing. We will have these repaired but we can’t replace them. We lived in a modern house before moving here and getting used to the cold has been tricky at times and I have often dreamt about triple glazing!

modernising an old house and keeping it yours
The Old House has original windows which are lovely but……
Frozen condensation on windows
The same windows frozen on the inside!

The idea of adding technology to an old house seems sacrilegious. How could you possibly allow this elegant old home to be dragged into the modern world against its will? It just doesn’t suit the aesthetic and ambience you want to create and maintain, right?
Well, it doesn’t have to be as intrusive as you might believe. The future of our homes could be the Smart Home. This is a system that allows you to control anything and everything wherever you are in the home or even out of the house. I’ve been reading about the new gadgets I can get in my new kitchen and the choice is huge! Furthermore, this technology will help save money on all aspects of the house making any further upkeep or upgrade less frequent.
Of course, you don’t need to go all techy or tear out the windows to modernise your home. Another way of modernising, especially on a budget is to look inside your home and see what could work better than your current set up.
This can be as simple as moving the furniture around to provide better space or upgrading a couple of housing accessories to give your home a modern spark. These accessories can range from light fixtures to new couches and cushions. Furthermore, you can look towards updating bulbs to illuminate your home and show it off to the world. I have recently bought some new bedside lamps which have transformed our bedroom.

modernising an Old Home to Keep it yours
My new bedside lamps by Dar Lighting.

Modernising your old house is something that might sting at first. You might feel like all these upgrades are causing it to lose its identity.
Taking advantage of the technology available now will allow you to fall in love with your home all over again. Furthermore, you can keep it fresh for many years to come and perfectly strong for whoever takes the house after you leave.
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Modernising an Old Home to Keep it yours

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