Quick and Easy Home Upgrades on a Budget.

If money were no object, then many of us may be doing home renovations, redecorating, or extending, left, right, and centre! But as this isn’t the case for the majority of us, we have to plan the updates and changes that we plan to make to the home, as well as save up for them. And with the cost of living rising and rising, it may seem that your plans for your home are a long way off. But there are some options for updating your home that are going to be a little cheaper than you may imagine. Here some ideas to give you a little inspiration; what will you change first?

Upgrade Doors
The style of the doors in your home can instantly date your home if they are old doors and are looking a little tatty. First of all, you could give your existing door some much-needed TLC. Cleaning, sandpaper, and a lick of paint could be all that it needs. But if you want to modernise the look of your home, then you could look for some cheap upvc doors from Visual, for example. This style of door doesn’t have to cost the earth, and can give the home an instant update. Some cheaper bi-fold doors can open up the back door space and make the adjoining room look completely new, for instance.
Simply Paint
Colour and fresh paint can go a long way in the home. Even just freshening up the skirting boards and fixing some dents in the wall can be quick and super cheap, but make quite a striking difference. Painting a feature wall can be a simple way to brighten up a room, and you’ll only need a small tin of paint for one wall. So it can be an inexpensive way to update a child’s bedroom quickly. Don’t forget about paint on floors too; that can be pretty inexpensive but make a big difference.
Sometimes, no matter how much you scrub and scrub, you can’t get rid of some of the black mould that has gathered in corners of the bathroom. So after scrubbing and cleaning, it can be a good idea to give the bathroom a fresh coat of  bathroom caulk. It can seal the bath against the tiles, and stop any water from getting to it. The bright white caulk can make a big difference to the look of your bathroom. We are planning to re enamel our old bath as it is years old but oh so comfortable as I can stretch out fully in it! 
Rearrange The Room
If you are looking for a quick fix that doesn’t cost you a penny, then simply rearranging the furniture can make the room look completely different. You could try the bed in a different area of the room or move the sofas in the living room around. It really can feel like new what you walk in, so it will feel the same for visitors too.
Have you got any plans to renovate or update your home this year? It would be great to hear what you think and what your plans are. Our plans are coming along and I will be blogging about all the changes that we make. It’s all very exciting! 
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    • Yes, we have stripped doors but I look and wonder if I should paint them again!

  • We bought new sofas recently as our previous ones were 17 years old! That’s the first bit of house stuff we’ve done for ages!

    • oh I know what you mean! lovely old sofas are so comfy!

  • I love styling my home, and anyones elves, my friends always make me come over to help them redecorate or furniture shop with them. I rearrange all the time, my kids actually make jokes about it. I can not afford all the bigger jobs so by a few new pieces, cushions or throw rugs and moving things around I feel much happier. Thanks for sharing this with us #ablogginggoodtime

  • Thanks for the tips, we too are currently trying to renovate our home on a very tight budget. Our bathroom has almost been the death of our marriage! Will hang on in there 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

    • Yes sometimes rearranging is much cheaper than new stuff too!

  • We have barely done any upgrades to our home in the 2.5 years we’ve lived here. Now we are paying for a wedding, we’re still not planning any! We are trying to maintain everything is a reasonable condition so that it lasts. #bloggerclubuk

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