Four Way’s to Give your Home’s Value a Boost

With house prices on the rise, it seems that now is a good time to invest in your current property, so that you can make the most of the value that it has. Plus, with not as many homes on the market at the moment, perhaps due to the uncertainty of things like “Brexit”  if you’re looking to sell, you want to make sure that your home is the one that people are fighting over, so that you get the best offer. So here are some of the tried and tested ways that you can add value to your home, whether you’re planning to sell soon or not.

Modern Kitchen
Declutterimg your home will make it seem bigger.


1. Make Space

In order to make a home feel larger than it really is, then you need to create an illusion of more space. Open-plan and spacious living can make any home feel huge! So if you are looking to add value to your home, then looking at the ways you can create space is a really good idea. Do you have an island in the kitchen that doesn’t really need to be there? Knocking it out could create a large looking kitchen that doesn’t feel cramped and that does flow with the rest of the house. Are there any non-structural walls that could be knocked through to create open-plan living? This can all make your home more appealing and add value.

2. Make New Rooms

As well as creating space in the rooms that you already have, you could think about making some brand new rooms, through an extension or a loft conversion. The latter can get more than double its money back, as it is making the home have more bedrooms and possibly another bathroom too. An extension, like an orangery extension by James Oliver, can also add a lot of value. Though it is only going to be single-storey, it can create more floor space and mean that there is more flexibility in the things that you use the rooms downstairs for. It can mean more space and less clutter, which is going to help the house to sell. We looked at orangeries when deciding on what we wanted at the old house. They are absolutely stunning and would particularly suit an older property.

It’s time for a spring clean!

3. Make The Front of Your Home Appealing

Less about the value of your home and more about the saleability of the home, comes the look of the home. If you are putting it up for sale and the paint on the front of the house is chipped, the window has a crack in it and the front door looks tatty, then it is going to make it harder to sell, regardless of what is on the inside of the house. It’s all about kerb appeal! So take a look at your home from the front with a really objective view and look at what needs to be neatened up. You could even add pots or planters to the front of your house; this adds some lovely colour and makes things look fresh.

I added these lovely, smart planters and planted using corresponding colour plants for a uniform look at the front of the old house.

4. Make The Existing Rooms Look Their Best

If you’re not looking to extend or knock down any walls, then you need to make sure that the existing rooms in the home are looking their best. From making sure that they are clutter-free, to making sure that paint is in good knick, it all makes a difference. Maximise the room’s space and let in as much as light as you can to add appeal for buyers.

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