How can I help my child to be more organised?

Do you get cross every morning trying to get your child out the door to school?
Does you child always forget their football boots/PE kit/toy for show and tell?

Are you always having to remind your child about what they need on each day?

You are not alone! This is something that many parents struggle with and I often get parents asking me how they can help their child improve their organisation.

Here are my top tips that may help your child be more organised:

1. Stop reminding your child. Every time you remind your child, they don’t have to remember things and so never learn to. I think we all start reminding children of things because they keep forgetting but it’s then a constant battle! Even 4 year old children can be expected to put their shoes away.
2. Try a timetable for the morning routine using pictures of what you want them to do. This will help to improve their memory and organise their thoughts into a sequence. Try 3 pictures for pre-schoolers with things like get dressed, brush your teeth and put on your shoes. As they get older you could also include what they need to take to school each day.
3. For younger children, develop their memory by allowing them to follow instructions and praise them for collecting things for you. Add to these instructions as they improve. For example, ‘can you get mummy the red bowl from the table?’ Pre-school children may also like helping you to collect the shopping using a list. I used to give my daughter a pictorial list of 4 or 5 items when I was shopping with her and her baby brother. She would look out for these items and it would give her something to do during a rather boring task!

4.  Use positive reinforcement. Try to catch them doing something you want them to do like remembering their lunch box rather than getting cross when they forget. This will help them to remember to do this again.
5. Reward charts work well with Primary aged children. You may want to work towards a weekend reward when they remember everything they need for a whole week. Treats such as an extra play in the park or a visit to the cinema are appropriate. I wouldn’t personally reward with food but you could include small toys or stickers instead.
6. Let your child forget their things sometimes. This is a really important actually. If your child is in secondary school and perhaps get a detention for forgetting their PE kit twice in a row, it is really tempting to go home and get their kit for them. However, this does not teach your child accountability.  Believe me, after that detention, they won’t forget their kit again!
7. If your child has a barrier to learning such as Dyslexia, ASD or DCO (Dyspraxia) they will struggle with their organisation and they will need extra help. A list in their bag of what they need each day may help them sort out their things. They may also respond well to coloured folders to put different work in.
I hope you have found these tips useful. Do you have other ones to add?

How can I help my child be more organised? Oldhouseintheshires #parenting

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  • Some great tips here, will have to put some into place for my kids. But what happens when I forget something which I’m supposed to sort out for them?! … Think they’ll be putting check lists up for me too. LOL!
    Love your writing, look forward to the next piece.

  • Fab tips when you find out the secret please let me know Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • Our girls are so different. R is very organised, always folds her school uniform up when she gets home from school etc. M, is the complete opposite. You’ll find her uniform on the floor where she’s taken it off! Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

  • Great post 🙂 we have a huge chalk board in the kitchen just next to the front door and I find writing under the children’s names things they must have before leaving the house that day. Dylan (8) is dyslexic but he will happily add things to it and read it so I find it helps and encourages his reading too.
    Ps totally off topic but love your cover picture above, can I ask where you got it done?

  • #thesatsesh love this! just going to rant and add my own no.8) when your secondary child forgets their PE kit, lunch box etc. let them miss lunch. let them get a detention – this is called a CONSEQUENCE they will not starve. They will however remember the next time 🙂

  • Wonderfully written and really useful tips. I learnt when I came across a small lad who’s dad was always forgetting his swim things and was always late. I’ve never seen such an organised kid. It was role reversal. I realised I had been doing too much for mine and they needed to think more for themselves. x

  • Oh school mornings are so frantic in our house. Everyone always remembers stuff they need as we’re just pulling out of the drive and I have to slam the brakes on and rush back inside for xyz. I think the pictures of the morning’s tasks sounds like a great idea! #dreamteam

  • I love this advice. Our little boy is 2 and loves organising his toys. I may try this out on my husband though who is wildly untidy!!! #triumphanttales

  • what helped my children organise themselves the most was my absence of 4 months when i had to return to the UK, when we lived in South Africa. Hubby said if they didn’t fend for themselves that was that, they were 12 and 17, he was obviously home in the evenings for tea and bed, but if clothes didn’t get to the wash basket they didn’t get washed and if they forgot something for school there was no one to run around after them #triumphanttales

    • Brilliant! I bet that’s helped you no end! X

  • You make really valid points here, Ben has just learnt what instructions are and luckily where I’m in too much pain to bend down, he’s helping me pick his toys/bottle/blanket etc up off the floor when I ask. Its so lovely to see him learning and helping out. As he gets older we’ve said we’re gonna get him to learn to put his toys away at night so that’s his responsibility and a contribution to the house. Not a big chore, but something that’s his and he can have ownership over!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

    • Oh no! I hope you are ok. That sounds like a great plan. Xxx

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