Keeping Up Gardening Through The Colder Months.

We are a nation of garden lovers! Believe it or not, gardening has topped various polls as one of the most loved and engaged with hobbies of a whole variety of individuals. While traditionally, many of us associate gardening with the older generation, nowadays the pastime is drawing in a much wider demographic, varying from children to teens, young adults and the middle-aged too! Now, we are in the midst of winter, so you might not fancy hitting the outdoors for a spot of digging, weeding, and planting. Who can blame us? Temperatures have dropped this week and you don’t get the immediate reward and satisfaction of planting beautiful, bright flowers and seeing them thrive.
However, before you can get stuck into those spring garden jobs you need to carry on with your hard work even if it is freezing outside! If you’re unsure of where to start, here are a few things that you can do to keep your garden in good nick until the sun starts shining again.

Consider greenhouse gardening
Greenhouses are secure glass buildings where you can house delicate or sensitive plants in a controlled environment. Investing in one will ensure that you always have a place to grow and nurture whatever blooms you may like without having to worry about how external elements will affect their development. We hope to add another greenhouse in the old house garden but first I need to clean out the one we have and fix the broken pane that was hit by a rogue hockey ball! This doesn’t mean that I can’t dream of a new one! Find one that suits your needs at 
Remember to water the greenery
Many novice gardeners make the mistake of thinking that it rains a lot more around this time of year, so they don’t need to get the watering can or hose out. Sure, nature may help out a little more in the rainier seasons, but you still need to ensure that any greenery in your garden or greenhouse gets a sufficient and consistent supply of water. Monitor the rain and top your trees, bushes, plants and lawn up where necessary.
Focus on more resilient plants
While plants with petals tend to wither in the harsher elements, you can still add a touch of colour and life to your garden year-round by investing your time, money, and effort into the maintenance of sturdier and more hardy plants. A good place to start is planting evergreen trees. These types of tree keep their leaves year round, and they also have the benefit of bringing a festive feel to colder months. Firs are generally the most popular option, so take a look at the wide variety of species that are out there.
Remove dead leaves
Different trees lose their leaves during different months, so from Autumn onwards there tends to be a lot of dead plant matter wherever you look. If they are left on your lawn, they will block the sunlight and prevent it from reaching the grass beneath, as well as preventing moisture from evenly reaching the ground too. This will result in brown and dead grass which will take a long time to grow back. So save yourself this problem by raking leaves up or using a leaf blower.
These are just a few garden-based activities that you can undertake in the colder months to keep your space looking great and prepped for the coming spring months!
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  • I love these first signs of the garden coming back and we have had shrubs that have flowered all winter adding much needed cheer. so want a greenhouse though #bloggerclubuk

  • Where I live, it’s summer all year round. Gardening is something we just take for granted.

  • Good advice there. Though when it’s pouring down outside and a neighbour sees me filling a watering can and thinks I’ve lost the plot, I just remind him that it doesn’t rain inside the greenhouse or cold frame and even in a downpour, the canopy of some evergreen shrubs in containers stops the rain reaching the soil under them so containers need to be watered in storms too! And don’t forget the golden rule of choosing a greenhouse. Decide on the size you want then double it to get to the greenhouse size you will need. 😉

    • Such great advice John! I’ve spent all weekend in the garden sorting the greenhouse; just that broken pane to sort now and then I’m ready for Spring! Xx

  • I didn’t think you’d need to water plants until warmer months! Some excellent tips here. I wish I was better at gardening, but I tend to forget even simple things like watering the plants! #mg

    • Well now the time to start my lovely! Spring is just around the corner…..xx

  • Firstly I have to say I love your blog, overtime I see a post of yours I get excited, I think I envy your beautiful home and garden, so I love hearing about it. I so want my garden to grow, we started from scratch a year ago so it is very much a long work in progress. It has been very hot over our summer so we have been watering a lot, and plenty of weeds seem to want to live here. Like a sad though it is a work in progress. So happy you could link up with #mg

    • That is so kind! We are about to embark on a massive project which is both exciting and daunting at the same time! I’d love so sun right now! It’s cold here in the U.K. (just above freezing) and the lack of light makes me grumpy! You’ll get there with your garden…’s definately a labour of love isn’t it? X

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